aztThe companies which participate in GreenEvo – the Green Technology Accelerator will be able to use different forms of support. The aim of the project is to help Polish green technologies win foreign market share. In this way, the Ministry of the Environment strengthens the international operations of the companies which participate in the scheme.

Support tools available

A representative of one of the companies participating in the first edition of the Accelerator suggested that entrepreneurs needed “conditions of support for exports which are not too bureaucratic”. Despite the rich variety of support instruments offered by the Polish public administration, entrepreneurs do not make use of all the opportunities available. The aim of the Accelerator is to make it easier for companies to find the appropriate sources of co-financing for the projects which they undertake. Due to their cooperation with the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, the Ministry of Economy and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, entrepreneurs can find their way through a maze of legislation, rules and regulations in order to use the forms of support available to the producers of environmental solutions.


GreenEvo brand

Some companies participating in the Accelerator have pointed out that many foreign buyers are suspicious about technically advanced solutions originating from Poland. We will attempt to change this by building the GreenEvo brand as a sort of guarantee for the quality of green technologies “made in Poland”. The Accelerator competition makes it possible to make up a list of the best green technologies developed in Poland. The competition winners will be able to use the GreenEvo brand and the related values, which would make their solutions credible on international markets. Leading Polish solutions will also be promoted in the course of international meetings of the representatives of the public administration. The Accelerator-related marketing materials will promote the winning companies. In turn, the companies will be able to use the GreenEvo visualisation in their own promotion activities.

Marketing support

Polish green technologies are often cheaper than their foreign counterparts and many solutions have no direct counterparts at all. But what can potential customers think when they hear that a given technology is distinguished by a low price and uniqueness? Can they definitely understand the real benefits offered by the solution offered? The companies participating in the Accelerator will be assisted in the preparation of company promotional materials. They will be able to take part in training courses on the presentation of the benefits, rather than only the parameters of functional technological solutions. Experts will help them identify the features which make their technologies different and prepare promotion materials for foreign customers.

Commercial missions abroad

The basic aim of the Accelerator is to support the international operations of the participating companies and the exports of Polish technologies. The participating companies have been divided into groups on the basis of their experiences to date and their capacity to operate on their own in foreign markets. The “sink or swim” approach cannot be applied to all the companies, as some of them can become excellent swimmers, whereas others may wish to make use of the assistance offered. In turn, the Accelerator can help the more independent companies identify favourable directions of foreign expansion for their technologies. The companies participating in the Accelerator will be able to use the commercial missions abroad, and organisational support for their participation international fairs. They will also be able to seek co-financing to cover the costs of these activities within the framework of export support instruments available from the Ministry of Economy and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

Specialist training courses

The companies participating in the Accelerator can use the training courses available, e.g. on:

  • Techniques for sales of complex technological solutions and the shift from price-based competitiveness to valuebased competitiveness,
  • Development of marketing messages addressed to customers and journalists,
  • Preparation of business plans for new undertakings,
  • Mobilisation of resources for development and implementation of projects (also within the framework of the Operating Programmes: Infrastructure and Environment and Innovative Economy),
  • Patent protection of inventions in Poland and abroad. The training courses will be delivered by external experts and experienced public administration staff.


Further development

One of the participants in the Accelerator noted already at the outset of cooperation that “the qualification for GreenEvo brings benefits in itself “. The participation incites the management to review its strategy, reminds it of its chances on foreign markets and mobilises it to take action.

Knowledge of foreign markets

The entry of a technological company to a foreign market requires the knowledge of specific provisions of law, rules and technical standards, often the adaptation of the technologies offered to them, as well as the passing of certification processes. It becomes a challenge to find partners and to check whether the selected companies can be trusted. Not all companies can aptly use securities for export transactions. Some projects to implement Polish technologies can count on co-financing from foreign funds and development aid programmes. The Accelerator experts and partners will help companies collect the necessary information concerning selected foreign markets and the conduct of operations on these markets. In many situations, the Trade and Investment Promotion Sections and the Economic Sections of the Embassies of the Republic of Poland turn out to be indispensable sources of information.

Protection of industrial intellectual property

A commercial success of Polish technologies will be shortlived if their international sale is not accompanied by the appropriate protection of intellectual property. The companies which develop unique technologies sometimes forget that by offering them on foreign markets they run the risk that their ideas may be stolen and their solutions may be copied; unfortunately, the possession of Polish patents will not protect them against such abuse. The protection under international patents can safeguard intellectual property rights, but can sometimes be expensive. Therefore, in cooperation with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, we can choose the most appropriate form of protection of a technology and consider options for its financing.