ZEWE® technology – zero- emission waste elimination

ZEWE® is a technology elaborated by the company WTT, which consists in the processing of waste materials (organic and non-organic) from wastewater treatment plants, municipal waste and hazardous waste – it is distinguished by a fully zero-emission and waste-free process with a very high energy efficiency. The line is composed of substations: waste drying and torrefaction, low-temperature gasification, process gas treatment to a level of cleanliness higher than natural gas, water treatment substation and electric and thermal energy generation substation in an engine or fuel cell.

The devices are assembled in a form of a container, which is detached from the ground. The technological line solves the problem of waste treatment with high availability rate, operation flexibility and low exploitation costs. The technology does not require additional fuel, which helps to fully solve the problem of waste storage and disposal. Moreover, the heat which is a by-product of the thermal disposal of waste is used in the process of drying and torrefaction of the input, increasing at the same time the heating value.

ZEWE® technological lines when designed and produced by WTT are each time technologically adapted to the location and the type of disposed waste taking into account the needs of a particular client. Their efficiency ranges from 0.5 to 20 tons of moist input per hour.


  • No need to provide heat for drying and torrefaction.
  • The technological line is 100% electrically self-sufficient with a given calorific value of the input.
  • The technological line generates thermal and electric energy using pure gas – thus the environmental decision is not required.
  • Lack of technological waste or pollutant emissions to the atmosphere.
  • The technological line provides a complex solution for the waste disposal, it is universal and adapted to all types of waste.

ZEWE® constitutes a solution for facilities which produce wastes hampering the development of Circular Economy by preventing the creation of waste, its secondary use or recycling. A project adopted by the Seym in September 2019 entitled “Road map of transformation towards circular economy” indicates the directions in which the legal regulations will be tightened with respect to the efficiency of the current municipal waste collection and management until 2021. The technology offered by WTT may be helpful in implementing that policy.

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