Venturis horeca – KUMIN.SYS. SYSTEM monitoring the quantities, structure and value of overproduction in horeca sector

The KuMin.Sys system is used to monitor and analyse data from the HoReCa sector. It helps to plan more precisely the amounts of prepared food to be more coherent with the needs of the clients and guests. As a result, the food waste and the environmental footprint are reduced. Rational use of resources: raw materials, human work, water, energy, etc. leads to the improvement of financial performance of the companies in the sector.

Venturis HoReCa is the first professional group in Poland, which provides a digital transformation of a traditional sector such as HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, catering companies, educational institutions). The KuMin.Sys. system elaborated by the company offers a comfortable and intuitive interface to weigh the products and perform managerial analyses. It also enables to constantly monitor the scale of food waste by registering and categorising its weight and by monitoring online the results. A special scale guarantees accuracy, adequate measuring range and communicates with the programme’s interface. Waste (leftovers from guests’ plates, outdated food, waste left after the cooking process, food left in buffets and others) is put directly on the scale or into a special container and registered by the programme in accordance with the client’s needs. The measurements take only a few seconds. The result is registered in a single central database and is instantly visible in the manager’s interface.


  • Easy to use, intuitive and automated system.
  • Provides information on what and how much food has in reality been eaten by the guests (which is crucial for better planning of the amount and structure of the production).
  • Provides instant feedback information on the total quantities, structure and value of the food waste on a given day.
  • Enables also to monitor kitchen work.

In times of changing climate, increasing dry periods, increasing water shortages, increasing costs of waste storage and management as well as growing prices of raw materials each kilogramme of food ending in a bin is a waste, which needs to be curtailed. Thanks to the solutions provided by Venturis HoReCa a 340-room hotel in a centre of a big city is able to save yearly up to 1,5 million zlotys by reducing the overproduction and food waste.

TSBC – Tomasz Szuba Usługi Doradcze (Venturis HoReCa)
Tomasz Szuba
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mob.: +48 604 179 122

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