GreenEvo laureate helps to fight SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus

The technology developed by WOFIL to produce highly-ozonated water (OWWO) is used today to disinfect cities and hospitals. This is a great example of how green technologies supported by the GreenEvo programme not only grow in the market but also help in an important common cause.

Since the beginning of April, the OWWO technology has been used to effectively combat the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronovirus in the capital of Poland, but not only.

The SPiD device producing OWWO has been produced since 2016. Already in 2017, it received the Grand Prix award at the Wod-Kan Fair in Bydgoszcz, Poland for the most innovative solution. The technology was also awarded by the Ministry of Climate in the GreenEvo – Technology Accelerator programme and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports it in African countries. Currently, this disinfection technology is used by several cities in Poland, such as Warsaw, Rypin, Jaworzno, Katowice, Olsztyn, Zabrze, Opoczno, Gliwice or Tczew. With the help of OWWO it is possible to disinfect surfaces and infrastructure of cities, vehicles, planes and trains – explains Dr. Eng. Robert Muszański, owner of the company.

What is highly-ozonated water?

Disinfection with degassed highly-ozonated water (OWWO) is based on ozone technology to remove bacteria and viruses. It is safe for people, human skin, the environment, as well as equipment and infrastructure – it has a destructive effect only on bacteria and viruses. OWWO, as opposed to e. g. acids that affect bacteria and viruses from the outside of their cell membrane, penetrates them through the cell membrane, annihilating pathogens from inside. It does not damage the body surface, clothes or organic matter. After about a few minutes of exposure and disinfection, it decomposes to pure oxygen.

The durability of the produced OWWO is several times longer than that of normal ozonated water. Therefore, it maintains its bacterio- and virucidal properties for up to one hour after its production – during this time it can be freely used for disinfection.

The OWWO technology does not introduce any extra elements into the environment as it is produced from water, oxygen and electricity. It works from a dozen to several hundred times faster on pathogens than other disinfectants. Its great advantage and uniqueness on a global scale is the possibility of its production anywhere only with the presence of the above-mentioned electricity and water.

Years of work have had an effect

WOFIL has worked for years on a technology that enables ozone disinfection in a safe way. Only water, oxygen and electricity is used for the production of OWWO. Therefore, unlike other methods of disinfection, it is not necessary to use or transport or store additional chemicals. The ability to produce ozone anywhere is an advantage, especially when there are limitations on the availability of other disinfectants. In addition, it enables the production of significant amounts of disinfectants in a short period of time, required in case of contamination or pandemic – adds Dr. Eng. Robert Muszański.

We are glad that the green technologies created by the winners of the GreenEvo programme have such a practical application in such a sensitive moment as we find ourselves as a whole society.

Photos by: Rafał Motyl, Warsaw City Office

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