Trainings for companies participating in the GreenEvo project – Green Technology Accelerator have been launched

Having recognised the needs of companies, Ministry of the Environment is commencing a series of trainings which are going to facilitate the transfer of Polish technological ideas for climate protection Companies participating in the GreenEvo project – Green Technology Accelerator (GTA) are given the opportunity to benefit from various forms of support including access to factual and business knowledge, which will enable them to competitively manage the promotion of technologies selected for GTA and efficiently move on international markets. Companies can benefit from expert knowledge in the form of trainings, without any charges. In the period from the end of April to the end of June this year, 29 companies selected for the project are going to participate in the series of 7 specialised trainings provided by external experts and experienced employees of public administration institutions which cooperate with Ministry of the Environment in implementing the project.

Trainings include sales and promotion of technology solutions in foreign markets, effective presentations and communication with customers, partners and journalists, sales management, patent protection in Poland and abroad, acquisition of funds for development purposes, professional sale and preparation of business plans. Nearly 300 representatives of the companies will take part in them, starting with the owners and managers, through heads of sales, marketing, development directors, traders and ending with technical support employees and employees of quality assurance departments.

  • Sales and promotion of technological solutions in foreign markets
  • Effective presentations and communication with customers, partners and journalists
  • Patent protection in Poland and abroad
  • Acquiring funds for development purposes (National Fund for Environmental Protection, the National Agency for Enterprise Development, Ministry of Economy and other sources)
  • Professional sales
  • Preparing business plans

We feel honoured that we managed to qualify for the GreenEvo project – Green Technology Accelerator and benefit from the training offer. We believe that thanks to the prepared trainings, we will improve our efficiency and win more foreign customers over to our technology – says Dominik Wojewódka, Ecotech (project participant).

The commercial success of Polish technologies will be short-lived if their international sale will not be accompanied by adequate protection of industrial property. Companies developing unique technologies sometimes forget that by offering them in foreign markets they expose themselves to theft of ideas and copying of solutions, and possessing Polish patents will not protect them against such negative events. International patent protection enables to protect property rights, but it is sometimes expensive. Therefore, in cooperation with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, the GreenEvo project helps to select the most appropriate form of technology protection and to consider options of its financing. As many as 28 companies out of 29 selected for the project have expressed their interest in the training on patent protection in the country and abroad.

The training on acquiring funds for development purposes turned out to be the second most popular – 27 representatives of the companies will take part in it. Despite many supporting instruments offered by the public administration, entrepreneurs do not make use of all the available opportunities. The Accelerator is to make it easier to find appropriate sources of co-financing actions taken by project participants. Thanks to the cooperation with the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, Ministry of Economy and Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, the entrepreneurs will be able to get help at interpreting legal regulations and rules, the understanding of which is necessary when applying for funding.

As regards the number of participants, the companies enrolled the greatest number of people for the training in professional sales (50 people), the training in selling and promoting technological solutions in foreign markets (48) and the training in effective presentations and communication (46 people) – says Agnieszka Kozłowska-Korbicz, the coordinator of the GreenEvo project.
The trainings will last from 2 to 4 days. They begin with a two-day classes on sales and promotion of technological solutions in foreign markets, which at the same time constitute an integration meeting for the participants of the GreenEvo project. The meeting takes place in Ministry of the Environment. The training, combined with a practical workshop includes marketing strategies, promotion abroad and tactics for moving in international markets. It is provided by Mr Krzysztof Klincewicz, one of the best specialists in the country.
Ministry of Environment does not offer direct financial support through the GreenEvo project. The purpose of the comprehensive offer of the project is to increase the potential of companies and enable them to effectively get into foreign markets. The innovative formula of the project consists in providing a company with tools such as the recently launched series of trainings which allow a selected technology to get into foreign markets – adds Dr Krzysztof Klinkiewicz, the coordinator of GreenEvo experts, the Faculty of Management at University of Warsaw.
The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management is a financing partner of the GreenEvo project.
Full list of participants and technologies selected for the project can be found on the project website at:

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