Trade Mission to Russia. Poland-Siberia and Poland-Altai Economic Forums

Last week, 4th September-6th September 2013, another GreenEvo trade mission took place. This time, our representatives altogether with representatives of the companies were invited by Polish Embassy to participate in two economic forums, the first one in Novosibirsk (Poland-Siberia Economic Forum), and the second one in Belokurikha (Poland-Altai Economic Forum).
Polish delegation visited Novosibirsk on the 4th September. The Poland-Siberia Economic Forum was presided by Mr. W. Jurchenko – the Governor of Novosibirsk Oblast, and by Mr W. Zajączkowski – the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Russia. GreenEvo project and the GreenEvo Winners were presented by Ms Marzena Brzychcy during plenary session entitled ‘Perspectives on economic cooperation between Poland and Siberia – eco-technologies, municipal economy, food and agriculture sector. The speeches were also delivered by representatives of Siberian Federal Okrug, and a representative of Novosibirsk Oblast. Moreover, senator J. Sępioł presented a paper on Polish-Russian regional cooperation. Among other Polish participants were Mr J. Bełdowski − Vice President of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and Ms A. Hanzel, Vice President of Export Credit Insurance Corporation Joint Stock Company (KUKE S.A.).
The official part of the forum was followed by B2B meetings. Russian companies showed a lot of interest in participating in them.
On the following day, Polish delegation travelled to Altai Krai, where on the 6th September its members attended Poland-Altai Economic Forum. It took place in Altai Krai Administration Seat. The forum was presided by the Deputy Governor of Altai Krai and Mr W. Zajączkowski. All GreenEvo Winners took the opportunity to present their innovative technologies during the plenary session entitled ‘Perspectives on economic cooperation Between Poland and Altai – eco-technologies, municipal economy, food and agricultural sector, and tourism industry’. Moreover, senator J. Sępioł delivered a speech, and a representative of Polish regional administrative branch presented a paper: ‘Possibilities of enhancing economic development by regional and local authorities, and their role in municipal economy’.
The conference was followed by B2B meeting.

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