The PROTE-FOS lakes reclamation technology

A comprehensive service consisting in the reclama – tion of lakes PROTE-fos is dedicated for private and public entities which own or manage water reservoirs displaying high trophy that face the problems of progressing eutrophication. The final result of the technology is to obtain a clear-water state by curtailing the phytoplankton blooms, including cyanobacteria, as well as to improve water transparency. PROTE-fos technology consists in blocking phosphorus directly in the bottom sediments during its controlled mobilisation and afterwards through their permanent consolidation. Only the blockage of phosphorus emited from the sediments excludes the return of water blooms after it has been cleared.

PROTE-fos technology is the main chemical method of blocking phosphorus in the sediments, which is the element responsible for algae blooms in the lakes. In order to obtain even better results the technology is supported by methods based on biological and mechanical solutions. The innovative character of PROTEfos consists in the application of chemical substances in a controlled manner directly to bottom sediments with the help of a patented bi-component vessel named PROTEUS. Thanks to such comprehensive and individual approach to a given lake the PROTE-fos solution efficiently speeds up natural self-clearing processes.

Avantages of the solution:

  • Innovative – the method is unique and less radical than previously used solutions (eg. dredging of bottom sediments, pumping/filtering of water)
  • Comprehensive – the technology contributes to the restoration of balance in the entire water reser – voir, it does not consist only in chemical blockage of phosphorus
  • Confirmed efficiency – the method has been suc – cessfully implemented over a few lakes in Poland and over sea ares (Bay of Puck)
  • The efficiency of the method has been scientifically proven – the technology uses the latest knowledge regarding water ecosystems and their functioning
  • Guarantee of ecological effect – possibility to implement a project on the basis of a result agreement

PROTE-fos technology has received several awards (including and award of the Polish Promotional Emblem committee TERAZ POLSKA, Gold Medal of MTP POLEKO) and positive feedback. A comprehensive reclamation of two lakes near Gniezno (Jelonek and Winiary) lead to receiving a distinction from the European Commission for one out of five best projects implemented from the funds Life+. It was all due to obtaining a positive ecological effect (a permanent improvement of water transparency, increase in biodiversity and reduction of phytoplankton bloom).

Contact information:

PROTE Technologie dla Środowiska Sp. z o.o.
Łukasz Bryl
26 Franciszka Firlika St., 60-692 Poznań
phone: +48 61 654 55 70, mob.: +48 606 145 325

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