SyENERGY system

The development of satellite technology led to the increase of availability of good quality data enabling the preparation of analyses, in particular in agriculture or forestry. Publicly available data provided by NASA or ESA programmes, as well as commercial satellite or aeronautical data are within reach. It all helped the company BIOCONTROL to elaborate a innovative SyENERGY system.

BIOCONTROL, as an independent third party, is a leading provider of audit, verification and authentication services in the renewable energy sector, industry and trade. Its services constitute a reliable value added and limit the business risk for clients. The company offers the most modern tools based on the most recent technologies, including Sentinel or Planet Labs satellite data, as well as high-resolution aeronautical data. Within the SyENERGY system the company has implemented solutions resulting from the company’s own research and the experience of other entities.


  • Possibility to verify sustainability criteria for biomass fuels for energy purposes, in accordance with the RED II Directive.
  • Possibility of a remote verification of the cropland, without the need to cover the costs of on-site visits.
  • Capacity to determine in the evaluation of losses the exact location of a given crop, its type, condition, size of the cropland, surface of the decrements, biomass calorific value as well as the distance from protected areas and the iden¬≠tification and evaluation of the consequences of weather conditions (hail shower, storm), wildlife damages etc. thanks to a constant access to high-quality satellite imagery from Sentinel and Planet Labs satellites and aeronautical data.
  • Possibility of application for both annual and multi-annual crops at all stages of growth.
  • Possibility to verify origins of the imported crops thanks to an unlimited operation area (worldwide range).
  • Thanks to the access to present and historic data, the application both for constant monitoring of the existing crops as well as for crops that no longer exist, even the ones from the year 2000.
  • Detection of pollutants in waters or grasslands, the evaluation of the range and consequences of fires, detection of the cases of burning off the grasslands thanks to the access to satellite and aeronautical data.
  • In forestry – early detection of tree diseases, monitoring the state of the tree stand in the forests and the municipal greenery.
  • Imagery resolution of up to a few millimeters thanks to the use of aeronautical data, which enables precise analysis of single plants or even their leaves in order to evaluate, among others, the purity of the crops.
  • Information support services enabling to adapt the system to the needs of the partners through dedicated applications or API interface.

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