Reduxco catalytic converter

For power stations, co-generation plants, heat power production plants, and also for the transport industry (sea, land and air cargo) seeking a solution to help reduce fuel use, lower emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere and increase efficiency in the burning of all types of fuels, we offer the REDUXCO catalytic converter. Unlike the competition, our technology ensures that the internal heating surfaces of boilers remain in good technical condition and operate soundly and stably. It is the only product of its kind to offer such a range of functions.

The REDUXCO catalytic converter is an innovative Polish product that improves the combustion efficiency of fossil fuels. It is a fluid chemical substance that lowers the energy of activation of a chemical reaction, which as a result increases the speed of oxidation of hydrocarbons, reduces fuel consumption and reduces the emissions harmful gases emitted such as CO, CO2 , NOX and SOX. It has been registered in accordance with the REACH Regulation under the number 01-2119406877- 30-0000. The product is not classified as dangerous to human health or the environment. It has passed all necessary tests and possesses all required certificates. The REDUXCO offer includes a REDUXCO combustion catalyst, dosing installation, free installation, training concerning general operation of the installation and maintenance.

Avantages of the solution:

  • Reduction in fuel consumption
  • Reduction in emission of harmful gases: CO2, CO, NOX, SOX
  • Cleaning of heating surfaces of boilers and maintaining their good technical condition
  • Easy dosing
  • Relatively low cost

REDUXCO technology can be installed in every place where the energy and industrial sectors are characterized by high energy consumption and the necessity to limit the emission of pollution into the environment. Dagas is presently waiting for approval of the Ukrainian Ministry of Fuel and Energy for official installation of the REDUXCO catalytic converter. Installation and testing are conducted by the Coal Energy Institute and the PAN Academy in Kiev. In Russia, Dagas has concluded a letter of intent with Gazprom for a trial installation of the REDUXCO technology. The implementation project started during August-September 2011. In Bulgaria, implementation tests are ongoing at the coal-fired TEC “Maritsa Iztok-2” power station. This year Dagas is planning further tests in cooperation with an independent Bulgarian auditor.

Contact information:

Dagas Sp. z o.o.
Leszek Borkowski

46 Gośniewska St., 05-660 Warka
mob.: +48 667 500 501

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