Epp pneumatic sewage pumping station

For water and sewerage companies which face the problem of municipal sewage putrification in the pressure sewage systems the company EkoWodrol offers an EPP pneumatic sewage pumping station – innovative Polish technology consisting in pneumatic sewage pumping. As oppose to traditional systems equipped with pumps, a pneumatic pumping station refreshes pumped sewage, prevents them from putrefying and guarantees safe and hygienic operation. The technology enables to entirely empty the pressing pipeline using the same device, which shortens the time sewage remain in the pipelines.

The EPP pneumatic pumping station is used in placed where the construction of pumping system would be difficult or impossible. The technology enables to transport sewage over very large distances and heights using compressed air without the need to install pumps. Moreover, the technology is environmentally sound: in order to prevent the putrification of sewage the system uses a natural agent – the air instead of chemical compounds or water the resources of which are largely limited. The compressed air is used efficiently which enables to reduce the consumption of electrical energy.

Avantages of the solution:

  • Refreshes pumped sewage and prevents putrefying during transport
  • Allows periodic aeration and entire emptying of the pressing pipeline using compressed air
  • Sewage pumping over very large distances or heights (pumping pressure to13 bars)
  • Allows the possibility to adjust the efficiency of the pumping station to the current needs of the users without replacing any equipement

The technology has been implemented in the pumping station operating since 2011 in Przybyszewo k.Leszna. The parameters of that system are the following: flow capacity Qp = 15,6 l/s and head Hp = 2,35 bar. That was the first time we used an external shelter which guar – antees comfortable and safe service and operation of the device. The facility satisfies the requirements of the European norm PN-EN 12050-1.

Contact information:

EkoWodrol Sp. z o.o.
Konrad Chudzik

13 Słowiańska St., 75-846 Koszalin
mob.: +48 607 799 098
e-mail: konrad.chudzik@ekowodrol.pl

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