Biosulfex technology

For sewage treatment plants, agricultural biogas installations, waste depots and other enterprises producing biogas wanting to use this gas in the production of heat and electrical energy while seeking an effective method of removing hydrogen sulphide (as well as dust and siloxane), we present BIOSULFEX®. Unlike competing solutions, it delivers an exceptionally effective technological process that removes hydrogen sulphides, leaving amounts as small as a few ppm.

Removal of hydrogen sulphides using BIOSULFEX®, prevents corrosion of pipelines and boiler elements, helping to eliminate outages of such equipment. The treatment process also eliminates the threat of poisoning by toxic hydrogen sulphide. BIOSULFEX® is tailor-made to the needs of each client. Its efficiency is in excess of 99 %. The only by-product of the process is sulphur pulp, which is also a very valuable raw material. BIOSULFEX® can also be equipped with elements for removing dust and siloxane. It is also possible to install a multi-gear version of the unit, allowing for more cost-efficient operation of the unit when it is used less intensively. The unit does not require constant handson operation, is compact, offers easy maintenance, and is also made from high-quality materials.

Avantages of the solution:

  • Over 99 % efficiency in removal of hydrogen sulphide, to as little as a few ppm
  • BIOSULFEX® technology does not create wastes nor does it emit harmful substances into the atmosphere
  • Very small quantity of by-product (sulphur pulp) which is a much sought after raw material
  • Patent-protected technology
  • The unit is very cost-efficient

REMOVAL OF HYDROGEN SULPHIDE: from biogas, from relief gas DEODORISATION: of air, of discharge gas

  • Removal of siloxanes
  • Removal of HCl
  • Dust removal from gas
  • Gas drying

During 30 years of operations, Zespół Innowacyjny PROMIS has produced over 40 units. The primary recipients of the technology are sewage treatment plants such as: Warszawa Czajka, Warsaw Południe, Szczecin Pomorzany, Szczecin Zdroje, Gliwice, Opole and industrial compounds such as: Synthos S. A., Cargill Poland sp. z o.o., Bader Polska sp. z o.o., Total Polska sp. z o.o.

Contact information:

Zespół Innowacyjny PROMIS Sp. z o.o.
Michał Łupiński

3/43 T. Hołówki St., 00-749 Warszawa
phone: + 48 22 839 84 14

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