Archimedean screw

For owners of small hydro plants and other investors planning a construction or a modernization of small hydro plants, we offer individually designed Archimedean screw with an active fish-ladder. The uniqueness of the adopted solution consists in the use of a system of two Archimedean screws, in which one (ascending line) produces electrical energy and the second (descending line) transports the ichtyofauna up the river course. The descending line produces a few times more energy than it is needed for the operation of the ascending line. As a result the system has a positive energy balance and the excess green energy may be commercialized and constitute a source of income.

The Archimedean screw manufactured by the company Enerko Energy Sp. z o.o. with an active fish-ladder is dedicated to micro and small water power plants. It may be used with very low waterflow. Such features as: open structure, large operational space filled with water, open no-pressure system, low turbulence level or low rotational speed make it a silent and environmentally sound technology. As a result the technology can be used in protected natural areas, because it satisfies rigorous environmental requirements. The structure of the screw enables the reduction of costs related to the construction of foundations for the hydroelectric generating set during the assembly works and later operation. Moreover, such type of fish-ladder reduces significantly the area it occupies and the consumption of materials.

Avantages of the solution:

  • Individual solution for rivers with variable water courses and low waterfalls
  • Can be used in protected natural areas, including rivers with protected fish species
  • Easy operation, low maintenance costs
  • High energy efficiency of the water trail

The Archimedean screw with a fish-ladder was implemented in Poland in Starogard Gdański. The investment was located in the city centre, thus the available area was strictly limited. The use of an active fish-ladder the occupied area was decreased to a minimum. The entire device generates yearly approx. 780 MWh of clean, green energy, ensuring at the same time a full, two-direction passage for fish at this part of the river.

Contact information:

Enerko Energy Sp. z o.o.
Łukasz Kalina

41 Skrajna St., 25-650 Kielce
phone: +48 41 301 00 27, mob.: +48 512 008 805

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