Anaerobic membrane bioreactor ANOXYMEM®

AnoxyMem® is a proprietary system elaborated by the company SYMBIONA thanks to years of research. It provides the highest efficiency of anaerobic wastewater treatment or the efficiency of methane fermentation process maximaxing biogas yield/pro­duction of green energy.

It is a high-efficient anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR), which combines features of a classic anaerobic CSTR reactor based on the idea of a fermenter with the benefits of a membrane separation. A semi-permeable barrier made of specially designed membranes separates the permeate from the biomass, returning the latter to the methane fermentation reactor. It guarantees a very high efficiency of the fermentation system in a very short time without stopping the methane fermentation process and with a high load of the reactor (up to 15 kg of the COD/m3). Special construction enables the increase in the production of biogas of even more than 30% in comparison to standard methane fermentation solutions. This zero-emission system is not spacious – it requires 4 times less space than other anaerobic reactors – and the monitoring, potential repairs and expansion are very easy.

AnoxyMem® may treat, depending on the configura­tion:

  • Wastewater containing from 60 000 to 200 000 mg/l with up to 99,7% of COD removal on a single anaerobic step.
  • Mixtures of sewage and organic/production waste containing grease or suspensions of up to 10% of dry matter, with high concentration of biomass in the reactor, reaching the highest reduction of dry organic matter on the market.


  • Wide range of the bioreactor operations – sewage, sludge, sludge mixed with sewage, production waste – even up to 10% of dry matter.
  • Very significant reduction in parameters – COD up to 99,7%, dry organic matter up to 86%.
  • Maximum biogas yield – more self-produced green energy to cover the needs of the plant.
  • Treatment of wastewater or a mixture of sewage and waste/sludge without a prior removal of suspension and grease.
  • Facilities smaller than classic reactors, with higher treatment parameters and greater production of green energy.
  • Low COD level in the effluent (does not require an intensive and expanded post-treatment) or in the clean water from the reactor if operating in the SFC functionality (a separated fermentation chamber).

AnoxyMem® is dedicated to food manufacturers (dairy industry, production of sweets, bioethanol, alcohol, etc) and to all other facilities, where the sewage is high­ly polluted, sludge contains grease and a high level of suspension. The technology can also be used in the public utility sector as a way to intensify the gasifica­tion of sewage sludge. The system is fully compliant with the requirements of a circuit economy.

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