Alternative fuels station EKOEN

The company Ekoenergetyka-Polska has been build­ing electromobility – both on a national as well as international level – for over 10 years. Well-known and acknowledged on the bus market, the company has also important merits in the field of electric ve­hicles charging infrastructure. It actively participates in the global process of transition to a zero-emission transport, which cannot be done without a proper infrastructure. The company claims that the only path towards a comfortable usage of electric cars is through a quick high-power charging.

With their knowledge and rich experience Ekoenergetyka-Polska is launching innovative solutions with a main goal in mind – the comfort of the electric cars owners. The company proposes a new approach to the charging services of zero-emission vehicles – alternative fuels station EKOEN. A single station has at least five quick DC charging posts, Ecocafeteria with catering facilities as well as special, separated premises for drivers, available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The payment process is very easy – a payment card. The company also offers a charging station EV Charger Serie FX, which is characterised by the highest quality of manufacture and reliability.


  • The station is equipped with all commonly used plugs, which enables to charge every electric car, including plug-in hybrids.
  • Simultaneous charging capacity of three vehicles.
  • Three output power options: 50 kW, 100 kW and 150kW.
  • The highest version is equipped with a HPC plug with a cable that is cooled down with liquid, which enables it to keep the temperature on a secure level during the high-power charging.
  • Intuitive and easy user’s interface.

All of these advantages make that product perfectly adapted to the needs of the most demanding clients. It has been proven also by the presence of the company Ekoenergetyka-Polska among the infrastructure sup­pliers for the biggest Polish multi-energy group PKN Orlen.

The company will soon launch a new compact device, available for all electric car owners, which will enable quick charging in private households. At the same time, the company conducts works on an ultra quick charging station with a power capacity of up to 350 kW – which is way more than the current technical capacities of electric cars. Such policy helps to properly represent the Polish technical thought on international markets and promotes clean and modern transport.

Ekoenergetyka-Polska Sp. z o.o.
Nowy Kisielin – 9 Rozwojow St.
66-002 Zielona Góra
phone: +48 68 328 20 68

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