Gasification Technology

Technical features:

We offer our technology for companies encountering problems with waste types which are difficult and expensive to dispose of, including tanning refuse, feathers, or wooden waste, as well as for companies which plan to produce renewable energy from biomass. In contrast to other companies recycling and storing waste, our technology allows us to dispense with the burdensome problem in the same place it arises, and to produce free energy.

In line with recommendations of the European Commission, wastes containing significant calorific values cannot be stored, and should be sent for thermal processing, which guarantees a drastic decrease of carbon content to a level not exceeding 3%. Gasification technology by Qenergy enables exactly this kind of waste processing.

An example showing an innovative implementation of gasification technology is the feather gasification plant operating, from 2009, in Indykpol S.A., which is one of the biggest poultry products manufacturers in Poland. The fuel for this installation is turkey feathers coming from Indykpol S.A. Feathers, as manufacturing refuse, are a serious problem for poultry processing plants, and their disposal using other methods is very costly and requires participation of third parties in transportation and processing.

Thanks to our gasification technology, the waste is processed in the place from which it originates, and the same installation enables power generation, successfully replacing coal boiler rooms, and thus contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. From almost 12,000 tonnes of feathers, the plant produces 30,000 tonnes of process steam per annum. Introducing the gasification technology allowed us to reduce the costs of utilization, and attain additional economic benefits thanks to the heat produced.
Feathers are one of many feed materials which may undergo the process of gasification. Among others, Qenergy works on using the biomass gasification process for generating electricity in gas engines.

Advantages of the technology:

  • Reduction of toxic substances emission even by 99% – thanks to replacing
    old and worn-out coal boilers with our gasification system, a reduction
    in emission of NOX (by 87%), SO2 (by 99.99%), and dust (by 98%) took place.
  • Utilization of waste in the place from which it originates – most feathers
    come from the production plant, where the installation was set up.
  • Minimal quantity of ashes from utilization – they constitute around 1%
    of the handled waste in terms of weight.
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