PLANETARIUM ammunition disposal system

Technical features:

For governments of countries struggling with the problem of old, obsolete munitions we offer our comprehensive demilitarization system: PLANETARIUM. We offer mobile solutions, thus significantly reducing costs and possible threats related to transportation of hazardous materials to disposal centers.

PLANETARIUM technology, developed by JAKUSZ, is unique thanks to its innovative and comprehensive approach to the disposal of old and obsolete munitions -starting from the stage of technical evaluation, through the dismantling of ammunition, and ending with the production of civilian explosives based on recovered ammunition components.
PLANETARIUM system allows for disposal of more than 170 types of different calibers of ammunition, missiles, mines and ammunition containing white phosphorus. The most dangerous operations are conducted remotely inside armored containers to provide protection for the personnel and the environment. Additionally, in order to meet environmental requirements, the installations where detonation of explosive materials is performed are equipped with gas cleaning systems, which keep the content of toxic substances below the admissible limit. Explosive materials obtained in the processes of dismantling are recycled and reused in civilian applications, for example in extractive industry and mining.
Among other places, PLANETARIUM was implemented in Azerbaijan, where the system helps to mitigate the consequences of military decisions from the past.

Advantages of the technology:

  • Safety – all operations are conducted remotely in reinforced containers.
  • Versatility and flexibility – modular design, fast installation and minimal
    requirements as regards the preparation of infrastructure. The system
    allows for disposal of different types of warfare agents with a wide range
    of calibers.
  • Environmental protection – including recovery, recycling and reuse
    of secondary raw materials. The system is also equipped with installation
    for cleaning gases from disposal processes as well as for safe neutralization
    of heavy metals and white phosphorus.
  • Efficiency – fast implementation and commencement of the disposal
    process in comparison with fixed installations.

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