The measurements of wind and environmental conditions MDL

Technical features:

For wind farm developers who face public protests against noise generated by wind turbines, we offer the MDL system which collects environmental data and measures the background noise. In contrast to competing solutions, our system makes it possible to collect any necessary environmental data in order to carry out windiness audits and to ensure the optimum foundation of wind turbines in terms of noise generated.

The System for Measuring Windiness and Environmental Conditions MDL has been designed for the purposes of measurements which are indispensable for audits of the wind conditions preceding the construction of wind power plants. In addition to the registration of measured data on the wind speed and direction, the MDL system can also record the air temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure and noise. The collected data can be uploaded to any programme designed to analyse and estimate the wind energy or to a spreadsheet. The system is programmed intuitively and a number of available functionalities ensure its great adaptability to customers’ requirements. The built-in GSM modem enables wireless transmission of collected data and remote configuration. The system is delivered in an encasing which is resistant to environmental conditions, along with a gel accumulator and a solar panel.
Advantages of the technology:

  • Comprehensive implementation of yearlong measurements of noise and
    environmental conditions.Optimum foundation of wind turbines in terms of noise generated.
  • Risk management of an investment project excluding its failure or
    disturbance by public protests.
  • Collection of data from background noise measurements.
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