ROVAPO ® – the technology of production of very pure process water

Technical features:

No emissions, no waste, no problems with clean water recovered from industrial waste products. In this one sentence you can describe the technology of ROVAPOâ„¢, which enables the production of very clean technological water. ROVAPOâ„¢ is a closed water circulation technology that minimizes energy consumption and resulting waste products. It is a technology as clean as the water it generates. ROVAPOâ„¢ also means a high level of water recycled for repeat use (up to 95%).

ROVAPOâ„¢ is an original solution from the Polish company PP-EKO, supported by a range of patents. It is part of the technology family named “zero liquid discharge” and enables full recovery of water from sewage.

Depending on the industry, the ROVAPOâ„¢ system enables the recovery of demineralised water of <10 ms, e.g. for galvanizing production, superclean deionised water, e.g. in photovoltaics or pharmaceuticals, or water with parameters allowing its repeat use in production processes. ROVAPOâ„¢ technology encompasses a range of treatment levels, allowing the achievement of the established goal: selection of streams and chemical treatment, membrane systems and evaporation systems. ROVAPOâ„¢ technology has been designed for waste products from galvanizing processes and hightech industries. The basic configuration can be interchangeably supplemented with components for use on other waste products – initially treated chemically and biologically with an active sediment and ultra-filtration membrane (MBR AeroMemâ„¢ Reactors). In the newly-developed ROVAPO-HF configuration, it is possible to fully clean wastes from the extraction of shale gas.

The first investment using ROVAPOâ„¢ technology was designed and installed “ready to go” by PP-EKO Sp. z o.o. in 2006 at the aviation facilities of Augusta Westland PZL – Świdnik. It was Poland’s first modern waste treatment plant with a fully closed water circulation from the new galvanizing plant. Instead of galvanization waste products in a classic treatment process being led to the municipal sewer system, high-quality demineralised water is produced from sewage with strictly defined and guaranteed parameters. It is returned to production processes in a modern galvanization plant servicing the production of aviation parts. In 2010-2011 a new ROVAPOâ„¢ installation was activated in the factory of Hispano Suiza Polska and Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze no. 2 in Bydgoszcz (service centre for F-16 fighter jets).

Advantages of the technology:

  • It enables the recovery of water from waste products with an efficiency
    level above 98% (including recovery of high-quality water from waste
    subjected to biological filtering).
  • It is based on original programming that steers the automated functioning
    of the installation, independently of varying quantities and compositions
    of waste from production, as well as ensuring a constant output level from
    the unit.
  • It reduces to a minimal level the amount of waste output – the one waste
    product is a concentrated deposit from the chemical element and concentrated
    salt from an evaporator containing approx. 50% dry mass.
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