The FAME Biodiesel type biofuel production reactor.

Technical features:

For individual users, farmers, transport companies, logistics and forwarding companies which look for a cheap source of an environment-friendly fuel, we offer the FAME Biodiesel type biofuel production reactor. In contrast to competing solutions, we enable the quick and inexpensive production of high-quality biofuels.

The technology of the Company called the Center for Renewable Energy Sources “BioEnergia” is designed to produce Biodiesel type fuels, to be used to supply compression-ignition engines (commonly called diesel engines). Engines of this type can be propelled with pure biofuels or their mixtures with diesel fuel. Biodiesel can also be used for heating purposes or as a component for the manufacture of different products, e.g. paints. Compared with competing solutions, the reactor is distinguished by its 4 times smaller size, lower biofuel production costs and the barely 1.5 hours long production process. The reactor has a unique design, which, along with the production technology, enables – as the only unit of this type – the generation of the FAME biofuel, with a large degree of substrate conversion and high purity. Biodiesel can be produced from the oils of marine algae, raw, refined and used vegetable oils (e.g. rapeseed, palm, flaxseed, soybean and sunflower oils), animal fats, frying fats etc.

Advantages of the technology:

  • The 4 times smaller size of the reactor than that of competing solutions.
  • Lower biofuel production costs.
  • Low energy intensity of the biofuel production process.
  • The quick Biodiesel production process – in just 1.5 hours the final biofuel is obtained.
  • The design of the reactor enables the very precise and selective control of the Biodiesel production process.
  • An economical production process – the number of substrates needed to produce Biodiesel is selected to exactly meet the needs of a given process and to match the specificity of the processed substrate, i.e. an oil.

The technology and Biodiesel production units successfully operate e.g. at the GREEN BRIDGE SCIENCE PARK of the Belgian Ghent University in Ostend and at the Finconadvice Company at Moorslede near Kortrijk and Ghent. The unit is used there for research, teaching and demonstration purposes.

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