PROM @ R – a system of monitoring the rational use of energy utilities

Technical features:Let us take optimum care of rational use of energy utilities in the buildings we manage. This is the way to ensure real savings and clean environment. Thanks to the PROMAR technology, you can remotely, via the Internet, manage consumption of heat, electricity, water or gas located in any buildings. To operate the PROM@R MONITORING SYSTEM you just need a web browser and Internet access. What’s more, the technology is compatible with devices from different manufacturers, and its implementation provides security of operation and reduction of energy consumption costs.

The solution concerns a comprehensive service based on an in-house developed solution. PROMAR combines experience, unique knowledge and information technology in the field of managing energy utilities.

This heat, electricity, gas or water is supplied by independent providers to all types of residential buildings, public buildings, industrial halls, warehouses, etc. The solution includes a system and Prom@r Monitoring Controller – specialized equipment with a dual role. It is both a device to control various actuators and at the same time controlling and measuring equipment for all types of sensors, meters measuring temperature, flow and other parameters related to control devices. It transmits and receives data needed to analyse the behaviour of buildings and premises and to control actuators using GSM technology and the Internet.

Advantages of the technology:

  • The systems has adequate functionalities for, inter alia, independent
    control of the facility and additional notification and reporting functions
    in case of failure.
  • All data on each monitored facility are stored in a central database,
    and then made available through a web browser in the form of relevant
  • We offer comprehensive monitoring, operation and maintenance services.

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