President Bronisław Komorowski visits WATT S.A. plant.

On 16th September 2013 President Bronisław Komorowski visited WATT S.A. industrial plant. Mr President was guided around by Mr Sebastian Paszek, WATT Chairman. Mr Peszek acquainted President Komorowski with the unique, fully automated WATT collectors production line.
The presentation was followed by a dinner, during which all the participants exchanged their views on solar collectors market, especially producers’ success stories, and problems they face.
WATT 4000S/SU collectors
WATT collectors are one of the most valued solar technologies present on the European market. Created thanks to the producer’s experience and knowledge, they are constantly being improved. However, even now WATT collectors’ efficiency reach 85%, placing them among the most efficient products all over the world. WATT flat-plate and vacuum collectors enable to both heat water and reduce the cost of central heating. Among their distinguished features are precision, increased liveliness and materials used to produce it.
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