On 11th-13th October, Head of GreenEvo project, Ms Agnieszka Kozłowska-Korbicz, took part in IV Local Authorities Hemispheric Meeting. During the conference, held by Corporación Ideas Perú in Piura (Peru), participants debated possible solutions to the most important challenges of urban development planning: social segregation and exclusion. The organisers invited the most innovative and efficient institutions, which could share their experience in promoting sustainable development – the only responsible use of natural resources policy. GreenEvo, Polish eco-technology transfer programme, was one of the invitees.

During the three conference days, the representatives of Poland, Netherlands, Switzerland, United States of America, Latin American countries and UN Development Programme discussed sustainable use of natural resources and responsible urban development policy. The most significant matter of the debate was how to combat social exclusion and negative impacts of climate change. GreenEvo project’s experience appeared to be fully adequate to the subject. All the participants got acquainted not only with Polish green technologies, but first and foremost with benefits they reap.

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