Polish eco-technologies on three continents

In October, November and December, the winners of GreenEvo – Green Technologies Accelerator and their technologies will be presented together in 6 countries on three continents. The route of GreenEvo promotion includes Belarus, Ukraine, India, Vietnam, France, Russia and Mexico. Under the wings of the Ministry of the Environment, this year the companies will visit the most important fair events and environmental protection conferences all over the world.
While preparing the schedule of strategic promotion of the most innovative Polish eco-technologies abroad, Ministry of the Environment thoroughly analyzed data contained in the report “Zielone Technologie – rynki zagraniczne i perspektywy rozwoju polskich firm” (“Green Technologies – foreign markets and development perspective for Polish companies”), developed for the project. Both the calendar of the most important world events in the environmental branch and hard data on the development and transfer prospects for green technologies on foreign markets were taken into consideration. The best recognized events and those most often chosen by suppliers and customers of the environmental market were selected. The winners will present themselves at events with the largest scope and the highest number of visitors, exhibitors and media.
On 12th October, the GreenEvo winners went to Belarus, where their technologies were presented during the Belarusian Energy and Environmental Protection Forum. It included three events: Energy Expo (related to issues of energy supply and its renewable sources, sewage cleaning and treatment and media consumption control), Expolight 2010 (lighting system sector) and Water&Air Technologies 2010 (sector related to, among others, sewage treatment and potable water conditioning). The following companies could in particular benefit from the Energy Expo: Asket (renewable energy – “golden coal”, or ecological briquette made of straw and hay), Biogradex, PP Eko i Wofil (sewage treatment), Energoinstal (energy from production gas waste), Neon, Sunex and Watt (solar collectors), and Promar (remote media consumption management). Expolight 2010 was a perfect place for exposition of CLEVEO lamp of the GreenEvo winner from Wrocław – the company Lediko. Water&Air Technologies provide additional opportunity to expose technologies of Biogradex, PP Eko and Wofil.
The next stop on the way to international promotion of the GreenEvo winners will be India. Participation in the International Renewable Energy Conference in Delhi (DIREC) will open the doors for the winners to the enormous and extremely absorbent Asian market. On 27-29 October, Polish companies will participate not only in seminars and workshops, but primarily in direct meetings with potential customers. The Delhi Conference is supposed to gather 9,000 delegates, over 250 speakers and 600 exhibitors from over 50 countries in the world.
Shortly after the end of the conference in Delhi, the GreenEvo winners will visit Ukraine in order to present their innovations at the Power&Energy fair in Kiev. Last year, it gathered over 2,100 people, a half of whom was composed of highly qualified specialists and technologists from the energy sector. The fair will last from 2nd to 4th November.
Only one week after, GreenEvo will fly to Vietnam, where the 2nd edition of VIETWATER Expo&Forum fair will begin in the city of Ho Chi Minh. It will be attended by more than 5,000 experts and specialists from water and sewage treatment sector. This meeting provides a great opportunity to enter the Vietnamese market, especially for Wofil, Biogradex and PP Eko, associated with sewage treatment. The problem of access to clean water is extremely urgent in Vietnam and it affects millions of people. The Vietnamese government intends to provide access to clean water to the entire population from rural areas by 2020. Therefore, this country will have to turn towards the direction of efficient and cost-effective sewage and water treatment technologies. VIETWATER Expo&Forum will last from 12th to 15th November.
At the end of November, the GreenEvo winners will take part in one of the largest and most important environmental protection industry events in the world. POLLUTEC fair in Lyon (France) is over 2,400 exhibitors from around the world and as many as 75,000 visitors, including private entrepreneurs and local authorities. It takes place for the 24th time and will be accompanied by numerous seminars, conferences and shows. The fair will present, among others, the following sectors: technologies for air purification, monitoring and analysis systems, energy and its renewable resources, as well as sewage treatment and waste processing. It is a perfect forum to present thirteen Polish ambassadors of green technologies, selected through GreenEvo.
At the same time as the Pollutec fair in Lyon, UN Climate Conference – COP 16 will take place in Cancun. Mexico will host representatives of governments from all over the world, members of non-governmental organizations, delegates of the specialized UN agencies and organizations connected with them, as well as international observers. During the conference, Minister of the Environment prof. Andrzej Kraszewski will present and promote GreenEvo and its winners, and in particular during the meetings with administrative representatives and private entrepreneurs from all over the world. Establishing direct business relationship is supposed to serve launching the actual transfer of our technologies to other continents.
“These events, in which the GreenEvo winners will participate, are for them a kind of debutant ball. Dressed in suits, well tailored by us, armed with knowledge and new skills, they set off to conquer foreign markets in strategic directions. They know their specifics, as in addition, we prepared reports for them. It is a chance to establish new contacts, which with the support of the GreenEvo brand and umbrella of the government facilitate them prospective development”, justifies Agnieszka Kozłowska –Korbicz, Coordinator of GreenEvo project from the Ministry of the Environment.
The Ministry also prepared a brochure, presenting technologies and achievements of the winners, translated into Russian and English, for the purposes of the foreign stage of the GreenEvo project. It will be distributed to Polish diplomatic missions around the world and the news of the 13 winners will reach governmental institutions on strategic foreign markets. The brochure will be also another tool of promotion during fair events, in which the winners will take part. Moreover, the Ministry prepared videos presenting the winning companies and their technologies. They will be handed over to the winners with the possibility of unlimited distribution, in five language versions, as well as the film showing the aims of the project and the GreenEvo brand.

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