Polish-Croatian Economic Forum in Zagrzeb

Minister of the Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction Branko Bacic and Polish Minister of the Environment Andrzej Kraszewski talked about the cooperation opportunities of both countries in terms of ecological technologies’ development within the “GreenEvo – Green Technology Accelerator” project.
The GreenEvo project was initiated by the Polish Ministry of the Environment in 2009, in order to provide support for Polish companies in development and transfer of new, environmentally friendly technologies on the domestic and international market.
After the meeting, Minister Bacic told the journalists that the government of Croatia is interested in cooperation with the Polish government in the field of green technologies’ development within this programme. “Green economy is the future of economic development of Croatia and EU”, said Bacic.
Minister Bacic stressed that the Croatian Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction also initiated a greenery development programme in Croatia, and in parallel, it prepares an action plan for development of agricultural technology in Croatia.
“The GreenEvo – Green Technology Accelerator project contributed to a high degree to the development of individual Polish companies, which were selected as the best Polish companies and I believe that we will continue our cooperation with such companies” said Bacic.
Minister Bacic expressed his satisfaction with cooperation between two countries and aid from the Polish government to Croatia in the EU accession process.
Expressing satisfaction that Croatia will soon become member of the European Union, Minister Kraszewski said that this country is well prepared to join the Union.
Noting the fact that both countries can learn a lot from each other, Minister Kraszewski said that Poland can share its experience in constructing ecological economy. “Green economy is a challenge not only for Europe, but for the entire world”, said Minister Kraszewski and noted that it combines the idea of innovative technologies for environmental protection and energy saving, which leads to a beneficial influence on climate.

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