Pellet burner with rotary combustion chamber

Technical features:

For all those who would like to reduce their heating costs and look for a convenient, practically unmanned solution, we offer our pellet burners with a rotary combustion chamber. In contrast to competing solutions, our burners are distinguished by the design of their two rotary chambers – the external aeration chamber and the internal combustion chamber. This ensures accurate removal of fly ash from the burner, automatic operation of the unit and the capability to burn pellets of lower quality.
The Company BTI Jan Gumkowski offers to its customers advanced, fully automated heating unit – e pellet burner with a rotary combustion chamber. KIPI brand burners are distinguished by the highest production quality and the application of an innovative cleaning mechanism – a rotary combustion chamber, along with an aeration chamber. In contrast to traditional burners which need to be cleaned even twice a week, our solution requires one inspection per heating season. This makes it a convenient unit to use. In addition, KIPI burners operate without breakdowns despite the fact that they burn pellets of lower quality and agri-pellets, without the need for troublesome and time-consuming fly ash removal. In addition, due to its modular design the burner is easier and quicker to install compared with competing products. Our advantages also include the design solutions applied: the reliable bearing support and the seamless combustion chamber which contribute to the durability of the product. KIPI burners optimise the heating processes, bringing economic, organisational and operating benefits.

Advantages of the technology:

  • No need to clean the burner – one inspection of the unit per heating season is enough.
  • Convenient and comfortable use.
  • Very simple, intuitive operation.
  • Simple assembly and maintenance of the burner, due to its novel modular design.
  • A high-efficiency pellet combustion process even in case of pellets of lower quality and agri-pellets.
  • Safe use ensured by a flame reversion sensor.
  • Online control available.

Our burners have helped modernise heating installations at households, public utility institutions and industrial plants, directly contributing to reductions in the heating costs and the operation costs of heating systems. KIPI burners operate e.g. in Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Romania and Sweden.

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