Boiler furnace combustion fuel granular – Pellets

Technical features:For owners of single-family homes, guesthouses, commercial objects and recreational object and other structures looking for economical solutions for heating and warm water, we offer an ecological devices fired by Pellet-type biomass granules. In contrast to the competing solutions, offered by us products is characterized by high efficiency (over 90%), automated system of functioning (automated lighting and feeding Pellets), the smallest dimensions and an innovative, protected
by patent boiler furnace.

Central heating boiler furnace for pellets with a power of 9kW to 100kW is a device for burning granulated fuel – pellet type. A characteristic feature of this technology is the automated process of top-loading fuel with a help spiral feeder and automated lighting fuel in furnace. The modern and compact construction in a single small block allows installation of devices in small spaces. The device’s functioning is automated, self-modulating the fuel feeding and ventilator strength by adjusting the power of the burner in a range from 30% to 100%. The multi-level system of boiler safeguards and fuel in the tank allows for effective operation in both open and closed heating systems. The technology has been verified by the Republic of Poland Patent Office and given the patent number 208898. In accordance with the norms PN-EN 303-5:2002 and EN 303-5:1999, the technology has received the highest possible Class 3 rating for heat efficiency and CO emissions.
The technology presented is used in single-family houses, guesthouses, commercial objects (Koperfan Sp. z o.o.) and recreational objects (Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne Klimbergowice) as well as other buildings (“Dąb” housing co-op in Suchy Dąb), both domestically and abroad, where our business partners offer our products in such countries as Denmark, Greece, Portugal, New Zealand and Germany. This technology is offered for all who need economic solution for heating and warm water. Offered technology has been implemented for over 1000 domestic and international customers as well as for institutional customers in the frame series with power ratings from 9 kW to 100 kW. The most important advantages of this technology are its efficiency, functionality, and most of all the long-term environmental effect from reductions of CO2 emissions resulting from the use of eco-friendly fuel pellets.
Advantages of the technology:

  • High efficiency up to 92%.
  • Technology in accordance with standard no PN-EN 303-5:2002, confirming
    the highest possible Class III rating for heat efficiency and CO emissions.
  • Automated system of functioning .
  • Small dimensions.
  • Ceramic cover of the burner.
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