INTEGRATOR – intelligent renewable energy management system

Technical features:For the owners of houses, Makroterm has developed an innovative system of heating and air conditioning, as well as domestic hot water supply, based on optimally combining renewable and conventional energy sources. It ensures a standardized, quick installation, low operating costs, and optimum performance of the entire system. Consolidation of distributed energy sources into one system allows households to save energy, improves home comfort and energy security through diversification of sources of heat.

In modern, single-family housing, reducing energy demand, while improving the comfort of daily life, has become a priority. Makroterm offers an integrated heating and cooling solution for your home. It uses solar collectors and biomass energy in conjunction with a heat pump or conventional boiler.

The heart of the system is the INTEGRATOR module which connects and distributes streams of energy and optimizes the working of various heat sources. Thanks to this, solar power can automatically be stored and used for space heating purposes. There is no problem with overheating of the solar installation. In turn, the biomass device can be used as the main source of heat for the building, providing space heating and domestic hot water in the absence of sunlight. The system is also adapted to work with another source of energy – a conventional boiler or heat pump. Using a heat pump in conjunction with fan coil units additionally allows active space cooling. The system works thanks to full synchronization of all those devices. A control device supplied with the system ensures automatic operation of the equipment and the effect of synergy. An important feature of the INTEGRATOR is the function enabling blocking of the operation of heating devices, in order to avoid duplication of energy sources, which allows for optimal use of system components.
The presented system is unique, as it allows the integration of several energy sources and innovative consolidation of heating and cooling systems. This increases comfort and reduces costs of operation. The positive effect on the environment brought about by the use of energy from renewable sources, is also significant.

Advantages of the technology:

  • Heating and cooling in houses consolidated into one integrated system,
    and synergy of renewable energy sources.
  • Large savings on the building’s operating costs, and energy security
    of the household.
  • Modular and standardized installation system, optimized and harmonious
    equipment operation.
  • Possibility to disconnect individual devices while maintaining continuity
    of operation.
  • Installation can be programmed according to individual user needs.
  • Prevention of solar installation overheating.
  • Easy service and maintenance of the installation.

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