Hybrid solar PVT high performance parameters

Technical features:For everybody who wants to significantly reduce growing cost of maintenance of house, production hall, or public building,we offer solar hybrid collectors Ensol E-PVT 2.0, which produce electric energy and provide domestic hot water heating.Contrary to other solutions our collectors combine both functions, which lowers the costs of investment and allows to maximize the use from available surface of the roof.

The ENSOL E-PVT 2.0 hybrid solar collector combines a flat solar collector with a photovoltaic module. The collector converts solar radiation into thermal energy used for heating process water and central heating, whereas the photovoltaic modules transform solar energy into electric energy. The maximum power of the photovoltaic module is 300 W. The collector is framed in a special, patented aluminium profile.
Owing to the roll-bond heat exchanger, the heat reception by the solar agent of the absorber is better by 25% than in case of regular absorbers which follows from the greater surface of connection and roll-bond construction. Moreover, such a solution guarantees perfect cooling of the photovoltaic part thereby preventing a drop in electrical efficiency along with increase in the temperature of cells. The E-PVT 2.0 hybrid collector has been constructed in such a manner that the process of glycol reheating in the thermal part and heat reception from the cell reduce its temperature preventing a loss in energy efficiency.
Advantages of the technology:

  • 2 in 1! One device for water heating and electricity production.
  • Saving the roof and a significant reduction in installation costs.
  • Multifunctional use, hybrid collector ENSOL E-PVT 2.0 is perfect for both
    domestic and industrial installations.
  • Annual efficiency of electricity production increased by 15-20% as compared
    to standard photovoltaic modules.
  • Maximal use from the available surface.
  • Faster investment return.

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