GreenEvo Winners taking part in creation of Polish-Ukrainian Centre for Improvement of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency in Kiev

Hewalex Ltd and Promar Ltd companies set up cooperation with Kiev University of Technology, aiming at creation of Polish-Ukrainian Centre for Improvement of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency. According to plan, it will be created until the end of 2013 at the Electroenergetics and Automation Faculty. On the 2nd July 2013, an agreement was signed by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Kiev and Kiev University of Technology. The project will be financed by Polish aid programme run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as a part of Small Grants Fund programme.
The main goal set is to create a strong academic centre capable of conducting top-level research and development programmes in the area of renewable energy sources. It will be the first such centre supporting transfer of Polish know-how and technology to Ukraine. It will also enhance cooperation between Polish universities and Kiev University of Technology.
The centre will be permanently located at the KUT. It will be provided with DECCO windows, HEWALEX heat pumps and PROMAR monitoring and information analysis system. The equipment will function as a didactic laboratory device, as well as provide the building with heat. The two pumps which will be installed, 15,6 kWth each, will heat chambers of the Electroenergetics and Automation Faculty, generating 23480 kWh of thermal energy during the cold season. In spring and summer, on the other hand, the installation will serve as air-conditioning system. Moreover, the Hewalex collectors (10 m2) connected to a 300-litre boiler will provide the building with hot water, generating 3500 kWh (12,57 Gcal) of thermal energy per year. The energy production and consumption will be constantly controlled and optimised thanks to PROMAR monitoring system, offered in SaaS (Software as a Service) format.
A webpage will be designed for the Centre, providing readers with all up-to-date information on Polish green technologies. One of the goals which the Embassy set for the Centre is to serve Polish companies – especially the GreenEvo winners − as a marketing and promotion tool on the Ukrainian market. In order to accomplish the purpose, the Embassy intends to gather all the information needed, concerning GreenEvo Winners’ offer as well as realised and planned investments and projects. What is more, the Centre will be capable of providing the visitors with information materials such as leaflets, booklets, etc. It will also offer the opportunity to organise conferences and promotional meetings.
The Centre will be opened at the turn of the year.
On the 30th August 2013, when a Polish Day was celebrated and a prof. W. Świętosławski monument was unveiled at the Kiev University of Technology, the project of the Centre was presented to the public. The speech was delivered by Ołeksandr Jandulskij – the Dean of the Electroenergetics and Automation Faculty, Stepan Kudria – the Head of the Renewable Energy Sources Department at the Faculty, and Bartosz Musiałowicz – the coordinator of the project and the Head of Trade and Investment Promotion Section at the Embassy of Poland in Kiev.

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