GreenEvo project winners on a mission in Algeria. Report from the trip.

Between 28.05 and 01.06.2013 a group of representatives of Polish companies – GreenEvo project winners, stayed in Algeria. The trip was aimed at taking part in the ALGIER FIA 2013 fair and meeting with Algerian entrepreneurs and representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as B2B seminars in Ghardai. Experts were to provide Algerian entrepreneurs with information on joint business possibilities in the field of green technologies, present Poland as a country friendly to foreign companies and supporting investments. During their stay the Polish delegation of entrepreneurs delivered a presentation on the offer of Polish companies, winners of the “GreenEvo” project, which was addressed to the interested Algerian companies. After the presentations representatives of individual companies held bilateral talks with their potential Algerian partners.

Entrepreneurs from Algeria, Polish and Algerian experts as well as representatives of public administration were invited to take part in the B2B seminar in Algiers and Ghardai. During the trade fair in Algeria the stand of the project was visited by over 300 people, and the B2B meeting was attended by ca. 80 entrepreneurs interested in cooperation. There were around 70 people in Ghardai. During the official presentations and B2B discussions the Polish delegation was accompanied by the representatives of the Trade and Investment Promotion Section (TIPS) of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Algeria: Mr. Janusz Pisz – Advisor, Head of TIPS, Mr. Maciej Kowalski – 2nd Secretary of TIPS and Ms. Amel Kouri – TIPS expert, supporting the delegation with their substantive knowledge and familiarity with Algerian culture.

This year’s visit of the winning companies of the GreenEvo project in Algeria was attended by the representatives of the following companies from Poland:

1. Marek Wawrzyniak – Asket Roman Długi

2. Waldemar Jacek Kotomski – CTE Carbotech Engineering

3. Włodzimierz Przybylski – Dagas Sp. z o.o.

4. Maciej Sobczyk – Ekotop Roman Sobczyk

5. Marta Andrysiak – Izodom 2000 Polska Sp. z o.o.

6. Marek Stoppa – Jakusz Bogdan Jakusz Sp. z o.o.

7. Witold Gleń – Makroterm Agata I Krzysztof Wąchała Sp. j.

8. Romuald Baron – PP EKO Sp. z o.o.

9. Mariusz Marciniak – Promar Sp. z o.o.

10. Wojciech Czerwiński – Qenergy

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