GreenEvo in China

EXPO 2010 Fair in Shanghai was a great opportunity for Polish companies participating in the GreenEvo project to present their innovative products and attract new business contacts.
From 3 to 8 May, the participants of the GreenEvo project – Green Technology Accelerator took part in the economic mission to China and events accompanying the EXPO 2010 exhibition in Shanghai. It was also an opportunity to see how the Chinese market transformed into a huge, demanding and a very important economy during the years of a very intensive growth.
Chinese power
As shown by the report prepared by the GreenEvo experts, the rapid growth of urbanisation and industralisation has had a significant impact on the improvement of the living standards of Chinese society and the peak development of new consumer markets.  In addition, every fifth inhabitant of our planet is Chinese, which makes it a nation nearly twice as numerous as the combined population of the United States and the European Union. According to the report, China,    with the GDP growth rate of 10%, is the third one among the largest economies in the world and the second one in terms of electricity consumption.
Such an express growth rate adversely affected the natural environment. Many problems associated with air pollution, limited resources of clean water and electricity as well as soil degradation have appeared in China. – China did not care for ecology for a long time, but everything is changing there and more and more attention is paid to the development of the green technology market. This is shown also by the fact that the legal regulations begin to toughen, which is a positive signal to us – says Dominik Wojewódka, president of Ecotech Poland, a company participating in the GreenEvo project.
Turn to ecology!
During the mission the Polish entrepreneurs had an opportunity to promote their technologies in the field of environmental protection, establish contacts with potential buyers of Polish solutions and explore the specificity of Asian culture. – The meetings were very well prepared, both in terms of factual content and organization. This allowed us to better introduce our country to Asian entrepreneurs, especially since Poland seems very exotic from their point of view – adds Dominik Wojewódka, president of Ecotech Poland. – We are glad that the trip to EXPO 2010 under the GreenEvo project allowed us to establish contacts with about 20 companies from countries such as China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. The trip also enabled to better understand the specificity of Asian business culture which requires a lot of patience because Chinese businessmen are quite mistrustful during business contacts.
It turns out that Polish ecological technologies are not only innovative, but also efficient and cheap to operate, which makes it possible for our domestic products to successfully compete with foreign companies. – Chinese market is unique and difficult, but the potential is enormous and the Chinese learn quickly. Polish entrepreneurs are a thorn in the side of foreign competition, because our technologies are modern  and effective and, in addition, much cheaper – says Andrzej Nazar, the representative of Biogradex-Holding.
Intensive economic mission
Ministry of the Environment representatives sought to prepare the companies going to Shanghai to the best possible extent, and the companies could also count on their support during the fair. – The participants of the GreenEvo project were very well prepared in terms of factual knowledge. Among other things, a detailed report on the green technology market in China was prepared for the entrepreneurs            – says Agnieszka Kozłowska-Korbicz, the coordinator of the GreenEvo GTA project.
The report contained the analysis of particular sectors of the green technology market in terms of their competitiveness, standards and legal regulations as well as opportunities and risks which potential investors are going to face. The report is divided thematically into five parts dedicated to technologies such as biomass, solar collectors, waste processing, wastewater treatment and coke industry. – With this knowledge, participants of GreenEvo could be more confident in establishing contacts with potential business partners – adds Agnieszka Kozlowska-Korbicz. – I think that after this visit one can expect the first results of our project.
Polish entrepreneurs are also satisfied with the visit to Shanghai. – This type of business trips, organized by governmental institutions are very effective, especially in Chinese market which requires special approach. Although we had previously had experience with Asian entrepreneurs, we made maximum use of the visit to Shanghai, primarily in terms of business. Our main goal was to intensely develop relations with potential clients and observe global trends in the market of environmentally-friendly technologies – adds Andrzej Nazar, the representative of Biogradex-Holding.
Ministry of the Environment promoted the trip of the GreenEvo project participants. The mission was organised by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development with the cooperation of Trade and Investment Promotion Section of Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Shanghai. Recruitment of companies for the matchmaking meetings was carried out by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade. During the IFAT China combined fair (International Fair for Waste, Sewage, Refuse, Recycling and Natural Energy), EPTEE (China Environmental Protection Expo) and CWS (Show for Water, Air, Waste, Energy and Recycling) the participating GreenEvo project companies were the previously mentioned Biogradex-Holding Sp. z o.o. from Elbląg and Ecotech Polska Sp. z o.o. from Łomianki, as well as Marbet-Will Sp. z o.o. from Bielsko-Biała, Rzemieślnicza Wytwórnia Chemiczna „Alchemik” Andrzej Piotrowski Piotr Piotrowski S.C. from  Inowrocław and Sunex Sp. z o.o. from Racibórz.
About the GreenEvo project
The primary objective of the GreenEvo project – Green Technology Accelerator is to support the international activity of companies – participants of the project and the export of Polish pro-environmental technologies. The project helps to identify favourable directions of foreign expansion for technologies qualified for the project. Companies involved in the project benefit from foreign trade missions and organizational support when participating in international fairs. They can also apply for funding to cover costs of these activities within the framework of available export supporting instruments offered by the Ministry of Economy, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management is a financing partner of the GreenEvo project.
Full list of participants and technologies selected for the project can be found on the project website at:

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