GreenEvo – another opportunity for innovative companies

International trade missions, support from governmental institutions all over the world or marketing trainings – these are only examples of activities which will be offered to the winners of GreenEvo – a competition organised by the Ministry of the Environment. The fourth edition of the competition starts on 2 January. All Polish innovative companies are invited to take part in the competition. It is a great opportunity to promote your technologies on international markets – said Marcin Korolec, Minister of the Environment.

GreenEvo – Green Technology Accelerator is a project of the Ministry of the Environment initiated by and addressed to the Polish enterprises. The project focuses on seeking out the best environment-friendly technologies, and supports their international transfer. Each year Polish enterprises present new, innovative solutions to the competition. These are then assessed by independent experts and winners are selected.

How to take part in the competition?

This year the GreenEvo competition is organised for the fourth time. The competition for enterprises starts on 2 January. Companies may file applications under 8 categories:

  • renewable energy sources,
  • environment-friendly solutions for the mining industry,
  • systems supporting the monitoring and collection of environmental information,
  • technologies supporting climate protection,
  • technologies supporting waste management,
  • water and sewage technologies,
  • low-emission transport technologies,
  • solutions supporting energy and material efficiency, including passive building.

The categories: low-emission transport technologies and passive building are new categories under the 4th edition of the competition. Both transport and building sectors, including in particular heating technologies, are responsible for a very large proportion of CO2 emissions. This is why we have decided that technologies contributing to the reduction of GHG emissions must be included in our competition. GreenEvo solutions aim e.g. at supporting the development of low-emission economies. We are hoping for interesting technologies in this area – said Agnieszka Kozłowska-Korbicz, Project coordinator for the Ministry of the Environment.

The company that wishes to take part in the competition must submit a completed application form, which is available (along with competition rules and regulations) at: The deadline for the submission of applications is 18 February.

Why is it worth it?

Winning GreenEvo brings numerous benefits for a company, including: participation in economic missions together with the representatives of the Polish government, free trainings on sale, protection of intellectual property and on available sources of financing, production of individual promotional spots on each technology or continuous support from GreenEvo experts. The range of measures for GreenEvo winners is aimed at preparing companies, as best as possible, to promotion on international markets Enterprises are offered trainings and consultancy, as well as support in perfecting their offer to ensure it meets the expectations of foreign partners. We approach each company individually and support its development on foreign markets – said Agnieszka Kozłowska-Korbicz.

The results of GreenEvo to date have shown that the participation is worthwhile. For example, in 2011 the revenues of companies which have taken part in the competition grew on average by more than 30%, and by almost 60% in exports.

Does the world like Polish technologies?

Solutions offered by companies acting under GreenEvo are successfully applied all over the world. For example, T-Technology owned by Technologie Ekologiczne – Zbigniew Tokarz used for the conversion of plastic waste into liquid fuels. The technology has already been successfully applied in Slovakia, India and Thailand. Another example is the wastewater treatment technology developed by Biogradex which was applied e.g. in the Olympic village in Beijing. Polish environmental solutions are also used in technologically most developed countries, such as Japan. Winner of GreenEvo, PP-EKO has started a pilot project in Japan, which consists in the implementation of ROVAPO® technology for the production of clean process water from industrial wastewater.

GreenEvo in a nutshell:

• the number of winners of all three previous editions of GreenEvo – 40 companies.

• the number of trade missions organised so far – ca. 35 (in the 3 years of the programme implementation), i.e. ca. 11-12 missions per year.

• examples of countries visited by the winning companies during the missions: Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, China, Croatia, India, Kazakhstan, Norway, Russia, Vietnam, Belarus, Ukraine.

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