GreenEvo among Best Practices selected by European Society for Quality Research

On June, 1st European Society for Quality Research (ESQR) will officially present the winners of European Awards for Best Practices 2014. The awards go to the most effective and user-friendly organisations, companies and public administrations from all over the world. All the winners set excellent examples of quality management, confirmed by their outstanding results. ESQR themselves serve not only as a research centre but also as global platform for experience exchange. The selection procedure depends completely on ESQR – the society itself searches for the best initiatives.
Following EIPA Best Practices Certificate and recognition form OECD, ESQR Award is yet another proof for uniqueness of GreenEvo – the project run by Ministry of the Environment which aims to support SME – Polish green technology providers. The project’s exceptionality, building strong global brand and outstanding development of GreenEvo Winners (their turnovers increased by more than 35% and their exports grew by more than 50%) – this is our recipe for success. Flourishing international recognition strengthens our belief that Polish administration truly responds to needs of green technology market and effectively supports the providers. Our activities are one of the proves that Poland is a modern country which fights climate change with the best technologies available.
More information about ESQR:

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