GreenEvo: 7th edition’s booklet

Technologies enabling the erection of a passive building in less than 2 months or the use of sewage sludge; solutions controlling city lighting or media consumption; systems of effective combustion and air protection through dusting control; renewable energy sources – descriptions of these and several others innovations “made in Poland” may be found in the new booklet of the GreenEvo – the Accelerator of Green Technologies programme. 

The booklet comprises the description of 34 green technologies delivered by 33 companies in five categories: waste management, water and sewage management, energy savings, air protection and renewable energy sources. In 2018 the jury of the programme evaluated the conformity of the beneficiaries’ solutions with the requirements of the competition. As a result almost half of them qualified as winners of the 7th edition and were included in the above mentioned booklet. As the goal of the programme is to support Polish companies from the green sector on foreign markets, the booklet has also been published in English and Spanish.

  • Some of this year’s winners are the real GreenEvo veterans, as they took part in the first edition of the programme a decade ago. It shows that the jury made a right choice and that the companies made the most of that opportunity. Their successes were not a coincidence, which is to us a source of great pride and a confirmation of the effectiveness of the GreenEvo initiative –  said Adam Guibourgé-Czetwertyński, the deputy Minister of Climate.

The GreenEvo booklet for the 7th edition is available at:

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