Foreign talks on cooperation with GreenEvo companies

The presentation of winning technologies of the GreenEvo competition, as well as the opportunities for bilateral cooperation were the main topics of the visits of delegations from the Altai Krai and Kyrgyzstan in Poland. GreenEvo is an original project of the Ministry of the Environment, meant to support the sales of Polish environmental solutions on international markets.

Fruitful talks with the Altai Krai

During the two-day visit of the Altai Krai delegation, the guests were acquainted with the solutions of GreenEvo competition winners. They also visited two sewage treatment plants in Skierniewice, which apply the Rovapo technology, winner under the programme. The technology allows for recovering water from sewage, which can then be re-used e.g. in technological processes in facilities. During the second day of their stay in Poland, the Altai delegation visited a complex of scientific and research laboratories and a model installation belonging to the Dagas company, yet another GreenEvo winner. This time they were presented with the rules of operation of the Reduxco combustion catalyst. It improves the efficacy of hydrocarbon fuels combustion, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions of harmful gases.

We expect that the visit of the delegation from the Altai Krai in Poland will have measurable effects. By now we have the first signals of possible cooperation with GreenEvo companies. It should also be mentioned that the technologies of GreenEvo companies are already successful on the Russian market. The Rovapo system for the recovery of water from sewage may serve as an example – said Beata Jaczewska, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of the Environment, responsible for instance for the implementation of the GreenEvo programme.

The delegation to the Altai Krai was composed of: Vladimir Larionov, head of administration of the town of Rubtsovsk; Vladimir Lapko, director of the municipal organisation of the town of Zarinsk; Dmitrij Lopatkin, director of the multi-branch municipal enterprise of the town of Sibirsky; Siergiej Kofanov, director of the municipal management organisation “Centralna” of the town of Biysk; Golubcov Andrey, deputy head of the Altai Krai Department for municipal services management; Nebogin Oleg head of the Department for municipal and road services management of the town of Biysk; Zaznobin Evgeny director of an enterprise “Rubtsovski Vodokanal” of the town of Rubtsovsk.

The visit of the delegation from the Altai Krai took place between 3 and 4 March this year.

About the terms of cooperation with the delegation of Kyrgyzstan

GreenEvo was also the subject of the meeting with the Kyrgyzstan delegation, which visited the Ministry of the Environment on 5 March. The guests were presented with the rules of the programme and the technologies offered by its winners. Special interest on the part of the Kyrgyzstan delegation was inspired by waste management solutions. As the guests emphasised, this was one of the environmental problems that required solution in their country.

The GreenEvo project brings together many innovative environmental technologies, including solutions for waste disposal. One example is the T-Technology system for the production of liquid fuel from plastic waste – said Agnieszka Kozłowska-Korbicz, GreenEvo project coordinator at the Ministry of the Environment.

The participants of the meeting also talked about the opportunities and terms of cooperation with GreenEvo companies. At the beginning, we suggest contact with the Ministry of the Environment or the embassy of Poland that operates in a given country. Then we consider the environmental problems and the needs of that country. On that basis we can subsequently organise a meeting with GreenEvo companies. It should be noted that for such foreign trade missions we take companies offering technologies that may help solve specific environmental problems of a given country. This is why the first contact with us is so important for next meetings to be as fruitful as possible – said Agnieszka Kozłowska-Korbicz.

The meeting was held as part of the study visit of journalists from Kyrgyzstan in Poland, organised at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was attended by the following members of the Kyrgyzstan delegation: Timur Toktonaliev, journalist of the Radio Azattyk, contributor for the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR Kyrgyzstan), and independent contributor to Kyrgyz media; Chingis Esengul Uulu, attach̩ at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan РDepartment of Information, the Press and Culture, journalist and editor who had previously worked for major television channels of the KR, and Julia Kostenko, correspondent of the information agency.

About GreenEvo

GreenEvo – Green Technology Accelerator is a project of the Ministry of the Environment initiated by and addressed to Polish enterprises. The project focuses on seeking out the best environment-friendly technologies, and supports their international transfer. So far three editions of the programme have taken place, and a total 40 companies were selected as winners under the competitions. Currently, the fourth edition of the GreenEvo competition is underway.

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