CHEMADEX ® – heavy duty wastewater treatment technology

Technical features:

For facilities from the agro-food industry, pharmaceutical, paper and biofuels industries needing an effective means of treating highly-contaminated waste water products, we offer CHEMADEX technology based on methane fermentation processes. Unlike the alternative solutions, our method does not require an initial separation of suspensions, fats and greases in waste water and allows the creation of biogas that can be used for producing electrical and heat energy.

The technology is used for treating highly-contaminated waste water products (COD in a range of 3000 to 150000 mg O2/l) from the agro-food industry (sugar production, milk production, fruit and vegetable production, fats, distillation, brewing) and from the pharmaceutical, paper and biofuel industries. The waste water treatment technology is based on methane fermentation processes in oxygen-free conditions, which can be understood as a chain of multi -phase biochemical processes leading to a step-by-step transformation of complex organic compounds contained in waste water into methane, carbon dioxide and water. The biogas produced during this process has a high methane content (70 – 75%), and it can be used to produce electrical and heat energy. The waste water treated in the methane fermentation process can be deposited in municipal sewers or further processed by using unaerobic active sludge method.

CHEMADEX technology is applied in the construction of a waste treatment plant for Südzucker Polska S.A. in its “Cukrownia Strzyżów” Production Facility. The applied solution enabled a reduction in the volume of pollutants from 13,500 kg COD/d to 720 kg COD/d, with a COD load on the fermentor of 15 kg O2/m3d and allowed the yield of 5 000 Nm3/d of biogas. For “Pfeifer & Langen Polska” S.A., CHEMADEX designed two more waste water treatment plants, including one at “Cukrownia Środa” with a capacity of 1850 m3/d, and for “Cukrownia Gostyń” with a capacity of 2 585 m3/d. And last one, CHEMADEX has built a large fermentation chamber with an active volume of 3 400 m3.

Advantages of the technology:

  • No need to perform initial separation of suspensions and greases contained
    in raw waste water in settling tanks and degreasers.
  • No need to construct additional installations for disposal of deposits and
    greases from raw waste water materials.
  • Possibility to change suspensions, greases and toxic organic compounds
    – which are presently very problematic waste products – into valuable
  • Reduction of waste water treatment facility operating costs.
  • Resistance and large tolerance of the technology to high loads of pollutions.
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