Biological and mechanical wastewater treatment plant in container EKO – WGB

Technical features:

For local government authorities, housing estates, social welfare homes, schools, hotels, and for all those who need an effective, user-friendly and low-cost waste treatment system, we offer the container-based EKO-WGB biological/mechanical sewage treatment system. Unlike other treatment solutions on the market, we offer a unique, patented, energy-saving and highly-efficient system that can quickly be installed in all ground conditions and adapted to the client’s individual needs.

Biological/mechanical sewage treatment takes place in an EKO-WGB treatment tank divided into chambers: an initial settling tank with sediment retainer, de-nitrification chamber, oxygen chamber and secondary settling tank. The structural and technological solutions are patent-protected. All elements of the sewage treatment unit are located inside the tank, and the unit functions fully automatically without the need for constant monitoring. Designed individually according to the needs of each client, the technological process based on a low-impact active sediment modern ensures a significant reduction in wastes. The sewage treatment unit completely eliminates unpleasant odours and has a low-impact on its surroundings. The device is made of long-lasting materials ensuring years of stable and trouble-free operation accompanied by low operating costs.

The EKO – WGB technology can be used for processing communal waste, as well as every place where a large reduction in polluting compounds is desired. The sewage treatment unit can be used not only for housing estates or entire municipalities, but also for treating sewage from schools, hospitals, social assistance homes (Juchnowiec Kościelny), at border crossings (Hrebenne and Budomierz), by military installations (Westerplatte, Celestynów), and everywhere that a highly reliable and efficient technology is required. The technical and technological solutions in EKO-WGB sewage treatment units are also used in waste treatment centres with capacities of as much as several cubic metres per day.

Advantages of the technology:

  • High level of wastes reduction – the treatment level selected is dependent
    upon the parameters of the raw waste and on the levels of pollutants
    acceptable in the processed waste.
  • Possibility to adapt capacity to the client’s needs.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Automation and monitoring of processes – lowering of operating costs,
    possibility to monitor and control the unit remotely from any locationvia
    the Internet.
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