Biogradex ® – technology wastewater treatment with activated sludge

Technical features:Use of the BIOGRADEX® technology enables significantly more efficient waste treatment. It is an innovative solution that results in the exponential intensification of the active sediment waste treatment process. BIOGRADEX® vacuum technology is a new, world-class level of waste treatment of clear benefit for the natural environment.

BIOGRADEX® is an exceptional method of waste treatment using active sediment. It enables effective protection of water from pollution. The uniqueness of BIOGRADEX® technology consists in the application of an additional physical treatment during the waste treatment process – it uses a vacuum installation to degasify the mixture of active sediment before sending it to a secondary settling tank. This operation removes all gas bubbles from sediment and fluids before sending it to the secondary settling tank, which increases the sediment volume in the process to MLSS = 7 000 – 9 000 mg/l and enables effective sedimentation in the secondary tank. The active sediment stops floating, and does not “escape” from the settling tank in spite of its increased concentration.

BIOGRADEX® technology has been used by a major wastewater treatment plant in Beijing since 2004. It was designed and installed in cooperation with a Chinese partner. Last year, Biogradex – Holding began cooperation with the Swedish consulting firm SWECO and concluded a contract for a plan of application of BIOGRADEX® technology in one of Stockholm’s largest wastewater plants. Use of the technology would enable an increase in the facility’s capacity from 550 000 – 700 000 RLM without expansion. An offer has also been presented for use of the technology at a treatment plant in Greece. The Greek partner accepted both the technical and financial proposals of the offer.
After application of the BIOGRADEX® technology, the facility will increase its capacity by approx. 25% without needing to expand to a size of Q=52000 m3/d. The client is presently waiting for a decision on financing. In Poland, he BIOGRADEX® has been implemented at a wastewater treatment plant in Częstochowa, which has made a significant increase in its capacity and
in the quality of the treated wastewater.

Advantages of the technology:

  • The company holds the patents for the aforementioned technology.
    The patents held are not only Polish, but also European, American,
    Canadian, Australian, Brazilian, Russian and Japanese. BIOGRADEX® is
    an innovative solution that sets new standards in waste treatment.
  • Compared to other technologies, Biogradex® increases the volume of
    active sediment in chambers by 80-100%, owing to which the effectiveness
    of the treatment process is significantly improved.
  • Greater volumes of active sediment mean that the treatment process
    is very effective, while remaining energy-efficient.
  • The technology is less expensive than many commonly-applied solutions
    around the world, as it makes it possible to reduce the size of new structures.
    As for modernizing existing structures, BIOGRADEX® makes it possible
    to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of such treatment plants.
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