CWD Ltd. Automatic biomass combustion in burner with movable grates

Technical features:

For single- and multi-family houses, hotels, municipal buildings, industrial and agricultural halls, for those who look for an advanced and environment-friendly heating system we offer the technology for automatic biomass combustion in a step grate burner. In contrast to similar burners available on the market, the solution from the Company CWD Sp. z o.o. enables automatic, safe and fully effective combustion of different types and fractions of biomass in one unit.

The unit for automatic biomass combustion in a step grate burner operates in the power range of 10 kW to 300 kW. The technology enables continuous combustion of different types of biomass, in the form of both pellets, briquettes and wood chips, irrespective of their grain size or moisture content. The combustion process is distinguished by the minimised generation of by-products, such as fly ash, scale or slag. A moving step grate operating in the burner automatically removes fly ash and slag from the furnace, while a unique air distribution system enables biomass combustion in the highest energy efficiency class. The burner can be used in new furnaces and boiler-houses, as well as to modernise the already existing heat sources, i.e. oil- and coal-fired boilers. The heat generated is used to heat rooms and to produce domestic hot water. As an option, the burner can apply an advanced control technology which enables on-line management of the unit. Moreover, the solution includes automatic ignition and power modulation, reducing fuel consumption and ensuring energy savings.
Technologia posiada odbiorców na świecie trzy urządzenia o łącznej mocy 1050 kW są wykorzystywane przez prywatną klinikę na północy Grecji, gdzie całkowity koszt zakupu urządzeń zwrócił się już po 2 latach od instalacji. Z kolei na Litwie, w okolicach Kowna dwa rozwiązania o łącznej mocy 700 kW ogrzewają kilkanaście budynków komunalnych w jednej z lokalnych spółdzielni mieszkaniowych. Rozwiązanie działa także w: Niemczech, Holandii, Belgii, Francji, Irlandii, Szkocji, Anglii, Stanach Zjednoczonych, czy na Ukrainie.

Benefits of Technology:

  • A universal system enabling the efficient combustion of most biomass types available on the market in one unit.
  • A moving step grate with a self-cleaning system.
  • Automatic ignition and unmanned, continuous and balanced operation of the burner.
  • High thermal efficiency and reduction of CO and dust emissions – a unit in the highest energy efficiency class.
  • A wide operating power range from 10 kW to 300 kW – even up to several MW in cascade systems.
  • A versatile application e.g. in boilers, heaters and different furnace types.

The technology has been applied in the world, including e.g. three units with a total capacity of 1,050 kW used by a private clinic in northern Greece, where the total purchase costs of the units paid back already after two years from their installation. In turn, in Lithuania, in the area of Kaunas, two units with a total capacity of 700 kW heat a dozen or so municipal buildings in one of the local housing estates. This solution is also in operation in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Ireland, Scotland, England, the United States and Ukraine.

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