ASKET’s technology subject to EU environmental verification (ETV)

BIOMASSER briquetting mobile devices – the technology owned by GreenEvo winner, ASKET Roman Długi company – is the first Polish technology which will undergo EU Environmental Technologies Verification test. The company has already signed an agreement with Institute of Technology and Life Sciences in Falenty (branches in Poznań and Warsaw). The Institute is the only Polish Verification Body entitled to issue EU Verification Certificates.

ETV is a market tool to facilitate and enhance commercialisation of innovative environmental technologies. The system allows to verify parameters declared by a technology owner in a scientific, objective manner. The process is conducted by independent specialised Verification Bodies. They are entitled to issue Verification Certificates which confirm scientifically the declared parameters.

As of today, ETV system is a pilot programme tested in few EU-member countries, including Poland.

We would like to congratulate ASKET Roman Długi company and wish it the best of luck in the verification process!

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