Artificial kidney for the environment?

The latest pro-environmental technologies in the GreenEvo programme.Artificial kidney for the environment, system of solar lamps or thermal utilization of low-caloric waste gases – these are some of 21 latest technologies qualified for the GreenEvo – Green Technology Accelerator project. Their authors – 19 Polish companies received special certificates from the Minister of the Environment, Andrzej Kraszewski. The ceremony took place on 21st April in the University of Warsaw Library.

The technologies presented by the companies help to reduce the negative impact of human activities on the environment. They involve waste management, energy efficiency, waste and water treatment or geothermal energy.
“Technologies offered by the companies, which have received the GreenEvo certificates, have the potential for international success”, emphasized Minister Kraszewski during the meeting in the University of Warsaw Library. “Their promotion on foreign markets is a priority for the Ministry of the Environment. The technologies are a key tool used for combating climate change, better and more environmentally friendly energy generation, more effective sewage treatment and better waste management. Therefore, we must support these technologies by continuing the idea of Professor Maciej Nowicki, my predecessor as Minister of the Environment”, he added.
The technologies are often surprising, not only due to their efficiency, but also because of their names. The latest project by Polimat Eko Sp. z o.o. – Artificial kidney for the environment – is used for remediation of water reservoirs and ultimately influences the improvement of water status. The President of the company, Janusz Sztramski says that such devices are already operating in two Polish lakes – Parnowskie and Starodworskie. Soon, we will know the effect of the kidney operating in the first one, in which the water is purified and additionally aerated. The water tests, initiated in September 2010, are coming to the end. Due to high sulphur content, the lake Starodworskie in the Warmia-Masuria Province is being prepared for degassing. The possibilities provided by the artificial kidney will be also used in this case.
The support, granted to the companies taking part in the programme, involves, among others, intensive support in the process of expansion into foreign markets (enabling and enhancing the cooperation with government institutions around the world, help in finding foreign partners) or possibility of participation in economic missions together with the representatives of the Polish government, as well as in numerous seminars and conferences (an opportunity to establish business contacts, gain and broaden knowledge on foreign markets, get to know the organizational and legal specificity of the functioning of international markets).
The companies may also benefit from any forms of support available to producers of ecological solutions (to acquaint the participants with the wide range of support instruments prepared by the public administration, assistance in terms of meeting the requirements resulting from relevant procedures).
GreenEvo also offers them a wide range of training conducted by the best experts in Poland, a presentation of the technology in the catalogue “GreenEvo – Leaders of Polish green technologies”, preparation of professional information films presenting the technology (available in different languages) for the companies-winners and permanent individual advisory and substantial support from the experts of the GreenEvo project.
With this support, the laureates of the GreenEvo project will be ready to share their technologies, experiences and knowledge with the countries, which are struggling with problems in the following fields: waste management, sewage and water treatment, technologies for alternative sources of energy, for coke industry, energy-efficient and low-emission technologies.
The conference, held in Warsaw on 21st April this year, was also attended by the Under-Secretary of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Krzysztof Stanowski, President of NFOŚiGW Jan Rączka, former Minister of the Environment Prof. Maciej Nowicki, representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczośći (Polish Agency for Enterprise Development).
GreenEvo – Green Technology Accelerator is an innovative project developed by the Ministry of the Environment, designed to promote Polish environmental technologies and support the development of enterprises in this field. It is also supposed to help Polish companies involved in the development of green technologies to operate on the international markets and to prepare them for competitive management of their projects. The Ministry of the Environment prepared the GreenEvo – Green Technology Accelerator project within the 14th United Nations Climate Change Conference, held in Poland in December 2008. By carrying out the project, the Ministry implements in a practical way the ideas of the most important strategic document, National Environmental Policy (Polityka Ekologiczna Państwa), concerning the technology transfer and conducting environmental protection actions.
1st edition of GreenEvo in numbers:

  • 59 submitted applications of companies, of which 13 laureates were selected,
  • 152 hours of business training,
  • 5 expert analysis of the foreign markets’ needs,
  • 5 published reports:Analysis of foreign markets in terms of GreenEvo technology areas, Analysis of foreign markets in terms of promotional possibilities, Analysis of the potential of environmental technologies in Poland, Tools/instruments of support for enterprises on foreign markets, Analysis of support instruments for enterprises on the Polish market.
  • 14 films and several thousand of brochures promoting the laureates of the programme,
  • 14 trips for missions and environmental fairs, as well as several hundreds of business meetings.

2nd edition of GreenEvo in numbers:

  • 36 submitted applications of companies, of which the laureates will be selected

List of 19 qualified companies-participants and technologies for the competition GreenEvo 2011-06-27

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