‘World you like’ contest – cast your vote!

We kindly invite you to take part in ‘World you like’ contest and cast your vote on GreenEvo – Technology Accelerator. Most creative minds from all over the Europe compete to have their technologies and ideas been nominated the most practical, economical and efficient solutions in the area of climate change.
GreenEvo supports the most innovative Polish green technologies. We not only encourage the producers to be eco-friendly but, first and foremost, we promote the most innovative technologies, supporting eco-friendly attitudes in every corner of the world. Thanks to us, the world gets greener every day!
How to support pour project? It’s very simple:
– load the webpage: http://world-you-like.europa.eu/pl/przyklady-sukcesu/projekt-informacje-ogolne/greenevo-green-technology-accelerator/
– enter the code
– click ‘vote’
Thank you very much!

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