Workshops for the 7th GreenEvo edition

Within the framework of the 7th GreenEvo edition all winners participated in the workshops. 

The workshops were divided into three sessions which took place on the following dates:

  1. June 17-18th, 2019
  2. June 26-27th, 2019
  3. July 2-3rd, 2019

During the sessions the entrepreneurs had a chance to participate in workshops and lectures regarding the practical aspects of expansion to foreign markets. As an example during the first session the participants were divided into two groups, which were undergoing training in negotiations in international sale transactions and the presentation skills on international forums (workshops in English). The second training session was dedicated to legal organisational aspects of international transactions. The third session was dedicated to a range of presentations aimed at introducing to the entrepreneurs various tools supporting business activity and at forming among them pro ecological attitudes. The presentations were dedicated to:

  1. system of eco-management based on the EMAS Regulation (Polish Forum ISO 14000 Association), 
  2. Issue of cleaner production with respect to the circuit economy (Polish Cleaner Production Movement Society),
  3. Cultural divergences (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), 
  4. Financing and supporting trade transactions, export and foreign investments (Domestic Holding Bank, Export Credit Insurance Corporation) as well as innovative technologies (National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Managements, National Centre for Research and Development, Polish Investment and Trade Agency).

During the further stages of the project following the workshops, the Winners will have a chance to participate in foreign commercial missions in different world regions. The locations of GreenEvo mission will be determined on the basis of various conditions among which the technology transfer potential on a given market will be the most important. That potential shall be identified both on the basis of information gathered directly from the Winners, Polish Embassies and Foreing Trade Offices of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. 

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