GreenEvo winners

Within the GreenEvo Programme in each edition Laureates are selected cyclically among Polish entrepreneurs offering green technologies. The model of the competition, including external experts analyses, ensures a transparent selection of the beneficiaries. Cooperation with Polish Embassies and Polish Trade and Investment Agency, as well as engaging Laureates in bilateral meetings with government officials, help to effectively support the promotion of Polish green technologies at a global level.

Stages of GreenEvo competition:

  • Call for applications, verification and substantial evaluation of new technologies and selection of GreenEvo Laureates.
  • Training, in which the Laureates receive substantial preparation especially in the field of foreign technology transfer.
  • Organization of international trade missions promoting GreenEvo technologies.

The basis for selecting and supporting the Laureates is the Rules and Regulations document of the each GreenEvo edition. The document determines how the entrepreneurs are supported according to the de minimis aid regulations.

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