The unique energy-saving construction technology: monolithic, self-supporting structure of foamed polystyrene

Technical features:This unique energy-saving construction technology is the solution for investors, developers and construction companies seeking high profits. Unlike other available technologies, our solution helps to achieve a passive housing standard (zero or plus energy) with costs similar to traditional construction. An average building takes only six to eight weeks to erect. Buildings can be erected on land with very low bearing capacity, and no heavy equipment or highly qualified employees are
needed to do that.

The unique M3 SYSTEM technology enables low cost production in regards to construction and maintenance, residential buildings whose heating/cooling costs are approximately seventy percent lower than those of traditional buildings. The Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) in the form of prefabricated elements forms the supporting structure and, at the same time, thermal insulation of the building.

This technology allows for fast and efficient construction; a four-person team can erect a building in just four weeks. This technology provides the ability of establishing a low cost manufacturing facility for the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) monoblocks.

BASF is our Strategic Partner in implementing the technology worldwide; on local markets we work with EPS producers receiving BASF products. The contractor invests only in special line for cutting out elements from EPS blocks supplied by a local supplier.

Advantages of the technology:

  • This technology allows for building modern, functional, economical and
    energy efficient residential buildings.
  • Due to the material’s low weight, it is easy to transport, unload and install
  • The inexpensive construction can be easily erected on any type of land,
    even land with low bearing capacity.
  • This technology allows for a passive housing standard (zero or plus energy)
    with small additional costs.
  • It enables for an innovative and portable plant manufacturing platform.

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