9. HYDROERGIA Ltd GLP. A production of Francis type water turbines

Technical features:

For private entrepreneurs, energy companies and water supply companies which invest in renewable energy sources, we offer advanced Francis type water turbines. In contrast to other manufacturers of solutions of this type, we deliver turbines which operate at the highest possible capacity levels enabling the potential offered by rivers to be used most efficiently.

The Francis turbine is perfectly suitable for both small and utility hydropower plants. The solution can operate in the capacity range from 5 kW to 10 MW. HYDROERGIA Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. designs each hydro unit on a customised basis, which makes it possible to adapt the turbine to the hydrological conditions of a given location. Importantly, the efficiency of the unit is enhanced over a wide flow rate range from 20% to 100%, while the efficiency of the turbine itself grows to 90%. As a result of this, the electricity production can grow by as much as 30%. Using the most advanced 3D Solid Edge graphic software and numerical flow modelling (CFD), as well as an innovative approach to hydraulic elements and parametrisation of blade shapes of both the runner and the guides, the Francis turbine is a unique solution with the highest operating efficacy. Due to the dedicated controls applied, the unit can operate almost automatically, while the high quality of materials and production ensures its operation without breakdowns for dozens of years.

Advantages of the technology:

  • A customised selection of the parameters of the turbine unit ensures that its efficiency grows by 30% and that the energy of a watercourse is used to the maximum extent.
  • The turbine can operate in a wide flow rate range (from 20 to 100% of the installed flow rate).
  • The use of the most advanced 3D Solid Edge graphic software and numerical flow modelling (CFD) enables precision design of each hydro unit.
  • The possibility of remote monitoring of the current parameters of the hydro unit and the automatic operation of a small hydropower plant.
  • Safe and long-term operation of the turbine.

Two, 60 kW and 100 kW Francis turbines successfully operate at the hydropower plant in Szklarska Poręba, where they were upgraded on commission from the Company TAURON Ekoenergia Sp. z o.o. Moreover, a 57 kW Francis turbine was implemented as an energy recovery system at the point of discharge of treated wastewater at the Toruń Waterworks (Toruńskie Wodociągi Sp. z o.o.), which made it possible to enhance the degree of its energy independence and to make use of the existing energy potential of the Company.

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