The programme “My water” is an opportunity for the widespread use of Polish green technologies

Spring droughts and summer rainstorms show the importance of water management and small scale water retention on a national level. As of the beginning of July it is possible to submit applications for a programme, which will grant a subsidy of 5,000 PLN for onsite facilities that store rain and snow melting waters. It is another initiative of the Ministry of Climate and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management which supports Poles in turning towards ecological solutions. Apart from the subsidy, the programme has another important advantage – it helps to boost the development of companies delivering Polish green technologies. We have seen that happening to companies – winners of the GreenEvo programme.

GreenEvo is an innovative programme of the Ministry of Climate aiming at creating favourable conditions for the development of environmental technologies delivered by Polish entrepreneurs in Poland and abroad. Among these entities we can find companies dealing with waste management, air protection, renewable energy sources and delivering solutions supporting energy savings. From the perspective of the programme “My Water” the most important technologies are those delivered by the winning companies from the water and sewage management sector. The awarded technologies may not only help to treat water for household purposes in an ecological manner but also to construct onsite water retention tanks. We have questioned the winners of the programme – the companies PROTE and AQT WATER about these solutions.

AQT Water is a company offering the technology of a biological water treatment and storage, which has a history of a dynamic international development. It is also the only stock company that is entirely Polish-owned and that is so widely present on the European market offering technologies of rainwater treatment and storage. The company has sales outlets in 16 countries and over 30,000 facilities are already operating in the entire European Union – such as onsite sewage treatment plants and tanks. Wojciech Babiński, the company’s president, says:

For a few decades now we have been faced in Poland with a growing water deficit. In the first days of June 2019 the town of Skierniewice ran out of water completely and the level of Vistula in certain places dropped below 50 cm. Water is a natural resource, which we cannot yet restore. That is why the technologies elaborated by our company enable the users to save 95% of water which when untreated should be regarded as waste. Our technologies effectively clean rainwater to the point that it can be used both for household purposes or as potable water.

The company’s facilities used for rainwater management (such as tanks for onsite small scale water retention) are offered in retail commercial chains in the entire country. The process of water treatment is also in the centre of interest of another company awarded in the GreenEvo programme – PROTE, which offers among others a SYMBIO biomonitoring system based on freshwater mussels and a technology consisting in the recultivation of lakes PROTE-fos. Especially the experience gained by PROTE with respect to the recultivation of water reservoirs may be helpful for the users of household ponds. These often face the problem of eutrophication, that is the algal bloom, dominated by toxic cyanobacteria, which leads to creating anoxic conditions and further excessive plant growth.

The technology of the company PROTE uses both biological and chemical methods, depending on the individual approach to a given reservoir, its condition and the verification of specific reasons of eutrophication. We have already implemented several projects on large water reservoirs, and the solutions successfully used for lake recultivation may be as well applied for smaller reservoirs – as explained by the lake recultivation expert, Łukasz Bryl M. Sc. There are of course many other Polish technologies supporting household water retention. For further information on ecological solutions in this respect, please visit the website, where it is also possible for other entrepreneurs from different sectors to read about the Accelerator of Green Technologies GreenEvo and other projects by the Ministry of Climate.The programme “My Water” will be implemented in the years 2020-2024. 100 mln PLN will be dedicated for the purposes related to the mitigation of the effects of droughts.

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