Thermodynamic construction system H-Block

For general contractors, construction companies and developers who offer their customers energy-saving residential and public utility buildings, we propose innovative thermodynamic construction system – H-Block®. In contrast to traditional technologies, it enables fast installation of warm, well-insulated, air-tight and cheap to run buildings by using light – weight and very resilient construction and insulation elements.

Solcraft Ltd specialises in the production of the new-generation energy saving and environment-friendly construction and insulation system H-Block®. H-Block® is a box shaped structural insulated panel made of polyurethane foam permanently combined with wood-based OSB panel. H-Block® panels are connected with special LHB joints also filled with polyurethane foam in order to ensure air tightness of a building. The polyurethane core is resilient to the impact of most organic solvents, acids, bases, insects, rodents, fungi, moulds, water and temperatures of up to 230°C. Its insulating properties do not change over time and it does not age or absorb moisture. Polyurethane foam core integrated with I-beam construction and OSB, provide H-Block® with unique mechanical properties: bearing capacity of external walls up to 4 floors, beamless ceilings, reduced roof structure. Although H-Block® is mainly used as a load-bearing element, it can also be applied to fill in wooden, steel or ferro-concrete structures. It is worth to mention that H-Block® is world-class thermal insulator, which makes it a perfect material for the construction of energy efficient and passive buildings.

Avantages of the solution:

  • A lightweight, resilient and energy-saving construction material
  • Very good insulating properties of the building – no need to use traditional heating/air-conditioning systems, no heat loss, lower heating costs of the building (by as much as 50 PLN a month for a 100 m 2 house
  • Thin walls in the H-Block® technology – a larger useful area for the same built up area
  • Quick assembly of residential buildings and public utility sites
  • Resilience to solvents, acids, bases, insects, rodents, fungi, moulds, water and high temperatures
  • The insulating core does not change over time and does not age

The construction of a house using the technology of prefabricated H-Block® panels is cheaper by as much as 55% than that of the timber frame technology; among others, due to the savings ensured by the short duration of the construction, low water and power consumption and a small quantity of waste. The H-Block® technology has been used e.g. to build the first passive housing estate in Poland and a passive office building.

Contact information:

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5 Dębowa St., 05-816 Michałowice
phone: +48 22 723 83 27, mob.: +48 606 290 088

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