QUMKAM® SBR adaptive set

QUMKAM® SBR set is a high quality adaptive system dedicated for septic tanks, drainage treatment plants and cesspools. The implementation of the system can lead to the creation of a fully biological wastewater treatment plant, which is compliant with the European standard EN 12566-3 for any tank – concrete or plastic. Depending on the SBR type the QUMKAM® system guarantees a cleaning performance of up to 97,7% (BOD5) as well as 95,5% (COD).

QUMKAM® SBR is an advanced wastewater treatment plant operating on the basis of a low-capacity activated sludge technology in the SBR system (Sequential Batch Reactor) with an additional stabilising system for sewage sludge. The entire cleaning process is controlled by an automatic controller, which manages all operations of the treatment plant, such as aering or sewage pumping by mammoth pumps. Such a solution enables the transition from a septic tank, drainage wastewater treatment plant into a fully biological wastewater treatment plant operating in accordance with the SBR technology, which is compliant with the European standard EN 12566-3.

The system is composed of only three elements, which can be assembled and prepared for operations in the septic tank in less than 60 minutes:


It is separated from its surround­ings, secured in accordance with IP65 standard and equipped with a set securing from energy drops. The system operates on a plug&play basis. The controller is dedicated to treatment plants for 2 to 25 people. It does not require manual servicing – it is resilient to errors and mistakes of the user and it can be managed through a telephone application. It has been proven by faultless operations at more than 10,000 households.


Thanks to so-called quick disconnect couplings the valves are very easy to replace in case of a potential failure. The connection with the controller is provided through a telecommunication coupling IP65 and each controller may be exchanged/repaired on site. The valves are resilient to user’s errors and may operate for at least 87,600 hours (10 years).


The set consists of a membrane blower (60W for 6RLM), tube diffuser and a system of aeration pumps with all necessary connection elements. It all fits into two compact boxes, easy to transport and store. Each set contains a detailed assembly book.


  • Fully automatic controlling system (plug&play) run through a telephone application.
  • Silent and economic operations of the device, energy consumption up to 0,49 kWh/d.
  • Easy assembly of the set in already existing or newly constructed septic tanks.
  • Reliable operations confirmed by its application at over 5,000 treatment plants.
  • High efficiency of wastewater treatment.
  • Low costs of purchase and assembly.

QUMKAM® is truly a magic box enabling to transform a septic tank (a cesspool) into a modern treatment plant and to get rid of an unpleasant smell.

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