Geothermal heat pumps

For individual clients or institutions, which need a cost-efficient, environmentally-sound and maintanance-free system for heating premises and tap water and for air-conditioning WSK Kraków ofers a geothermal heat pump VATRA. The company delivers high-performance devices with heating power from 6 to 240 kW and more, zero direct emissions of toxic compounds in the atmosphere and equiped with a control system enabling the connection of the pump to all kinds of installations.

The heat pump VATRA is a heating-cooling device which collects heat from the ground and transforms into the energy used for heating and cooling buildings and heating tap water. Geothermal heat pumps are used by individual households as a heating-cooling device as well as by the industrial sector (greenhouses, cold rooms, swimming pools) for heating and cooling public utility buildings. The heat pump VATRA is distinguished by a high efficiency ratio (4,5) which results in a significant reduction of heating/cooling costs in comparison to traditional methods. Moreover, the VATRA technology does not emit any compounds that can be harmful for natural environment. The pump is very durable and operates in silence. Heat pumps produced by the WSK Kraków are used as independent basic energy generators or in cogeneration systems, where the operation of the heat pumps is combined with other generators such as GCHP (gas combined heat and power) or solar panels. The heat pumps manufactured by WSK Kraków take advantage of lower heat resorts such as ground resources, technological and waste heat, water reservoirs, wells as well as a water pipe bypass. The novelty among the VATRA range is a heat pump named Dual Inwerter, which due to its two-level system and a maximum power supply temperature of 85°C may operate both with low-temperature installations, in particular with floor or wall heating systems and with installations dedicated to operate on the level of 85°C. The pumps may work on level 1 (60°C) without the need to operate on the higher level (85°C). That dynamic temperature division enables to use weather algorithms for each heating circuit. The heat pump VA – TRA Dual Inwerter is designed for heating and air-conditioning premises with a surface of at least 500 m2 .

Avantages of the solution:

  • High performance device – lower bills for heating premises/air conditioning/heating tap water
  • Maintanance-free – there is no need to spent time on maintanance of the device; easy and user-friendy control over the the operation of the device
  • Silent operations
  • Zero local emissions of pollutants by heat pumps – positive impact on the natural enviroment, clean environment
  • Waste-free operation; the installation does not require and specific place for stocking fuel

The recipients of the VATRA technology are the following: industrial compounds, public institutions and individual clients. The technology of heat pumps produced by WSK Kraków has been used among others at the Centre of John Paul II “Do not be afraid” in Kraków, in the Convent of Discalced Carmelites nuns in Łódź, the Primary School in Mniszów, the Cultural Centre in Witkowo and in many others public utility buildings as well as in residences and houses of individual clients.

Contact information:

WSK Kraków Sp. z o.o.
Marta Burchat

54 Nad Wodą St., 32-080 Zabierzów
phone: +48 514 275 231

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